Monday, July 18, 2011

Message from Sweden

Dear Katie,

We had your son, Aldste Maxwell, over for dinner yesterday. His companion, Aldste Wood was with us too of course. Aldste Maxwell is a very nice missionary and he handles Swedish very well. One of our three daughters went on a mission to Temple Square and so we know how much parents like to see pictures of their missionary, so we thought we could send a picture to you. He seems well and happy!

It was fun to learn that he had grown up in the Beacon Hill Ward in Beaverton. My missionary, Michael Baird, lives in Beaverton and has been the Bishop of the Cooper Mountain Ward. Through some miraculous events I got in contact with my missionary in 2008, after not being in touch for almost 30 years. In 2009 we went to the USA to pick up our missionary daughter and spent a week in Beaverton with the Bairds.

Michael Baird came to Sweden 1976 - 1978 as a missionary and taught a 14 year old girl - ME! I had to wait to be baptized until I was 18. At that time I had met my future husband who also joined the church. We have three girls. We have all had wonderful lives in the church, so we have a lot to be thankful for! No wonder we like the missionaries!

Hope you have a great summer over there! Thank you so much for Aldste Maxwell!!

Maria Thorn in Jonkoping, Sweden

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  1. What a very special thing to receive. It makes me think If I could be better at thanking the wonderful families for raising such wonderful boys. Very Special if you ask me!!!