Monday, September 19, 2011

This week has been amazing!

This week has been amazing, we have been staying very busy and talking to people... It was mostly tracting and contacting, and some teaching, we really want to spend most of the time teaching, but we need investigators to be able to do that, so out we went to find! It is not as nice as teaching, and not as effective as it should be... but we have to find somehow!

Overall, it is going very well. I do have most of the ward members' names down now. We have visited many of them and are continuing to visit and get to know all of the others. It is a lot of fun.

Yesterday we got to go into Primary because they were having a lesson on missionary work. They told us we would be teaching about an hour before... someone forgot to call us! But it went really well, and I am starting to have a lot of little friends again! I got a couple pictures from them after church! One was a picture of missionaries and the other was a picture of Kasper (that is his name) picking plums to share with Jesus! It was adorable!

It is great being able to get to know the mission president and everything that he does. They are incredible people and are really fun to get to know and always have such a great spirit with and around them! I love them too, and all the missionaries, and the work!

Story: Last night as we were tracting again, and going door to door and talking to anyone who would open the door, we were having no success at all. We hadn't had any the whole week! It was getting late and we were just going door to door, knocking, waiting, and moving on to the next, with several uninterested people and a couple nice people who listened but were not interested. And, as the stories usually go... it started to rain! We began another trap (staircase with apartments) and we knocked on a door that looked exactly like all other doors. A man opened it and my first thought was, "oh-no...". He was bigger, looked like he was from the middle east and had a winter vest, beret, shorts and flip-flops on. Plus, he was smoking. As we started to talk, he was really receptive, kind and interested! He let us in, and we began to talk. He asked a lot of good questions, we taught about the Book of Mormon and he wanted one! We set a time to come back later this week and he was super excited! It is cool how things like that happen. It is always the same too, we are tested, then blessed! I am excited to teach him and to find more just like him as well.

Well, I have to go... going to Stockholm for sports!

Love you all, have a great week and keep it up!
Aldste Maxwell

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