Monday, June 11, 2012

We are what we are...

Sorry this took a little while today... another crazy day and transfer!  Not as crazy as last time, but crazy anyways! Saturday we got a telephone call from President Newell, as usual it meant that we will soon be transferring out of the area! I will be moving this weekend to Hägersten to train a greenie in the Hägersten 2 area! I am excited, though sorry to already be leaving Örebro. So, maybe I will meet Sister Mayo then! Depends which part of Stockholm she will be in... I am going to be a little outside the ''Stockholm'' area, but, I am very, very excited in any case. I will be in a 4-man apartment with Elder Astin (From my MTC group) and Elder Lopp! It is going to be awesome! I will be sure to let you know next week about my greenie! This will now be the 7th area in my mission! I believe that is pretty unusual... but I am still missing one zone... maybe it will come later! Who knows!?

10 Days Christian!!!! That is so cool! I am super excited. I know it is hard to say goodbye to us, but we come home even better I promise! Plus, there is nothing better!

Your Stake Conference sounds like it was great!  I like the council that the mission president gave.  (1 -Love people, be real and genuine. 2 - Love the Lord. 3 - Pray for the missionaries serving in your ward.)  People know when you mean it!  Don't fake anything, don't try to trick anyone, but be real. Love them, and you will want to help them out! Second, when we love the Lord we will want to do as we are asked, we will want to be as He was! There was no better missionary or example than Christ. Lastly, as missionaries we really do feel your prayers and help. We too have been asking our members to pray for us by name. We need prayers, especially the prayers of those we work among. It builds a bond, a desire to work together and get things done! It no longer is just ''the missionaries'' but the ones you see weekly! You will want to help them, see their success! This is one of the times that you will really be able to see, and to be the answer to your prayers! It is missionary work, not the missionaries' work! It is a work that neither can do on their own. I like the idea that teaching is one by one, that we each have our own needs and we will be taught in the way that will best help us! We will receive the most when it is applied and understood (preferably in the opposite order, but either way works! We do not always know why until after!) 

 One quote that I have noticed popping up all over the place is that of Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never give up!" And so it should be. Go forward, walk in faith and power from above. We are children of God, He is in control and will see that we are rewarded for every effort which we put forth! What incredible promises!!! 
I am sure that there are people out there just waiting for us to open our mouths and talk. I believe that scripture was Helaman 2:5, I liked Opa's understanding of that, that we are the angels sent to declare the message of repentance to these people! We are sent to help these people and to do as we are prompted! This is, after all, the work of God, and we are just the tools by which He chooses to build up His kingdom. We play a specific and important role in the work, we are to do all that we can to serve in the best way we are able. We are who we are, because there is a role that just we can play in the scene of this life! We are the light of the world, set up on a hill, viewed by everyone. The darkness when it meets the light is expelled, but it does not understand. Light can only be understood by light. Thus we all have light in us, no matter who we are or where we are in life. As we teach, the light which we are reaches out to others. As we shine, those who are open and willing will see the light and come. We are to shine, that is our role. And, when necessary, we can even use words! I know that as we go out and do our part, we will see miracles. We will win the battle in the end. We are on the Lord's side. I know that there is no other way, there is nothing more that will bring us such wonderful joy! I love being a missionary and sharing my life and love with them! I love being able to share it all with you at home! Have an incredible week all of you, you are incredible! Do not be afraid to stand for what you believe. And never, never, never give up.

Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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