Monday, June 4, 2012

I love being a missionary!

Yeah Christian!!!!  Only 2 1/2 weeks left!  Join the party! Every one loves missionaries!!!! (mostly...)

Yeah, so in a little free time my companion asked if I had passed 200 days yet... I had to check, so I did a little math, and 200 days was yesterday.... so 199 days of missionary madness to go!!!! It is going to be incredible! ahhhhh!!! It really is terrible. I mean, where did the two years go? what is up with that? Can I get a refund or something!? Though, I can't say that I don't want to come home wither, home is a great place with really awesome people! It is the natural course of mission life, you are born in the mission, and die (go home) before it seems like you really know what you are doing! But you still get miracles done daily! It is incredible!

It was a very, very quick week. I don't know why, but it was and I am not completely sure what happened!  So, we have been up to a lot of the usual activities, teaching, travelling, visiting members, playing basketball with the youth, soccer, service projects with older members, teaching, and trying to call people, finding those who want to learn!

This week I am looking forward to seeing a lot happen. We had two investigators come to church yesterday who are really positive. Hopefully through the week we will get some baptismal dates! We are working on getting more positive investigators, that seems to be a continual fight that we have! We have some great people and that is good, but we need more! We do still do quite a bit of teaching, though we are trying to always get more... there is a mission goal to get 20 a week per area... that sounds like it would be easy, right? That is only three a day! Think again! Though we are getting close some weeks. We are working on that, and I am working on opening my mouth more! Again, an ongoing battle.

My companion is awesome, he is quite different from me, though similar. He is smarter for sure, but not really athletic.... which is okay, there is a lot that I get to learn from him in other ways! I am excited. He loves languages, physics, and music! So, I am going to be having him teach me different things that I can apply and get better at! Maybe one day I can even write a song! =) we will see....

I have not had too much creative cooking recently. We have mostly just been sticking to the basics, and such... I can't really think of anything else to cook with what I have... though Elder Asp has taught me some more missionary food recipes... they were interesting! Not really my type though... ha ha. It is good, and we actually get a good amount of member dinners as well!  Ha ha, Christian will for sure learn to love foods that he did not like before! I personally have not found anything specifically that has changed... I do really enjoy fish now and then... not everything, but most! Sweden is safe food wise.

Yes, I think I have gotten rid of my southern accent... though I am not really sure... my Swedish is not the best anyways!

The apartment is nice, though smaller. It has everything that we need! It has a good kitchen, bathroom, and new mattresses on the beds! It is great! I am not going to complain. 

Today we will take it pretty easy, play some piano, maybe go buy a new bike... if Elder Asp gets his wallet back today... (lost it, but the police sent it to the office). He got the money for the bike on his card... then we will have some food, and we are going to a members house to teach two new investigators and have family night! Great way to start the week if you ask me!

Today I have a testimony of fasting. I fasted yesterday, of course, and even though I was not necessarily at my best the whole day, I saw miracles happen, and we had a great day! We got to teach an old investigator who was awesome! We got to have two investigators at church who should be baptized soon!!! And, we taught priesthood, sort-of... with a presentation and I bore my testimony about the second harvest that was prophesied to happen here in Sweden. The spirit was strong, I made the decision to buckle in and just get to work! My time is running out. But, I know there is a lot more that I need to get done before I go home, and now is the best time for me to get in and do it! Forget myself, forget everything, and work with faith. I read a scripture yesterday in my personal studies. It was Moroni 7:33 I believe... it said that when we have faith we will work miracles. I have faith in my Savior, I will be a tool and work miracles for Him and the Swedish people, everyone that is here and is ready. I know the work will go forward, and I know that I can not be stopped if I am working for God! I love being a missionary, and I am glad that I get to be here to work and serve the Lord! I love being a missionary! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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