Monday, December 10, 2012

I am getting excited! And nervous a bit.. it is weird!

I should be writing once more before I die... it might be this Saturday however, as that may be the day I will have to get all my packing done and such... an early p-day, a last Sunday, and I die!  We really only have three more days of work, we will be flying into Stockholm on Friday for zone conference, and then the rest is saying bye to people, packing, and getting back to Stockholm and all the stuff we will do with President Newell and Sister Newell before we leave.  

I have to say, I am getting excited!   And nervous a bit.. it is weird!
This week here we have gotten a ton of snow... well, here in Luleå we started getting snow two days ago... but it was really cold before that (up to -23.5 Celsius)  that is cold!  Now we just have a ton of snow, and about -5 weather... Saturday was really nice, we were going to play some basketball with some friends (People we want to start teaching) and we went out in shorts and hoodies... at -5!  Some kids told us we can't be out like that... we were just feeling really warm, and going to be inside soon... so it didn't matter!  

Oh, last week I also got rear-ended by someone... Luleå is just not the place to drive!  No, it is really safe, just that corner was a terrible place to put a crosswalk.  No-one is hurt, all is well, and I was not to blame... plus, we got a name, number and address out of it!
Yesterday I got to give a talk in sacrament meeting... I gave it right after two other senior missionaries gave their testimonies.. they both got to have translation for their talks into Swedish... so when I got up, I asked for it too!  Everyone just laughed.   I thought it was funny... , I talked about some of my experiences as a missionary and the talk that Elder Nelson gave in general conference.. ask the missionaries, they can help you!  It was a really good conference talk, and I felt as though my talk was alright... it was basically my goodbye to Sweden talk... it was kind of sad... I am not sure I want to leave! But, I know that as we do what we can, that the Lord will take all of our efforts and make them into miracles.  We will not always be perfect, but we will feel good with the work we have done, and proud of all we have accomplished with His help!  I love being a missionary.  It is truly the best time ever!  I know that this church is true, and that I have become the person I am today because of this church.  I love it! 

I love you all, and hope that you have a great week! Be safe, and I will see you soon! 

Äldste Maxwell

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