Monday, December 3, 2012

I am hoping to see reindeer!

We are trying to hurry today, we want to visit the arctic circle...  I'll get pics!    I am also hoping to see reindeer and to visit some Sami people... it should be fun!

 It is always fun serving, right?  Think if we were friends with everyone, the world would truly be great! For instance, today we were going to a less active, to go have lunch with him. As we pulled into his parking lot, there was an old Swedish man who waved us over. He needed help getting his car started. We pulled over, and tried to jump the car, no luck... it was completely dead! So, we push started him! (We had the less active help us!) After the car was started, he asked us what we wanted for the service... what, do we have to be payed!? No, we told him is cost nothing. he was very grateful.... and it just feels really good! 

Recently I read section 18 of the D&C for a spiritual thought, and I remember really being impressed by the promises and blessings that are in those chapters! It was amazing! I know that there is a lot of power that we have access to through our faith. As we focus on doing the will of the Lord, He will help us achieve the impossible, and confound the wise. We will work by the will and laws of God, not by the laws or time of Man. God knows, He loves, and He wants to help us. Pray to Him, He will let you know. I love being a missionary, I love serving others.
Have a great week everyone! You are all awesome!   (See you in 15!)
Love ya!
Äldste Maxwell

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