Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 6 - Down to Business

Nothing too exciting has happened this week and even less will be happening. Our district leaders and our branch presidencies are cracking down on every single little rule and making sure that every minute of our time is used effectively in the work of the Lord. We are required to be in the class every night until 9:25 and then from 9:30 to 10:30 is reflection on the day, more personal study, journal writing, prayer and brushing teeth, etc. They do not want us to do anything else really. That is making time disappear, and some people are beginning to be a little more rebellious. But the week has been good.

My district is awesome. This week my companion wrote a song and me and a couple other elders wrote lyrics to it, all spiritual of course. We are going to try out and see if we can perform it in a devotional. If we make it, it will be amazing. I think it is a really good song.. a little efy-ish but still good. My companion is crazy. He can compose anything! He just sits down and plays. Half the time it is something "top forty" that he figured out, other times it is something that he has composed on his own. For example, he has changed one of the Taylor Swift songs into ragtime! It is soo cool! I wish I could play like he can. Plus, he can do basically anything he wants with a computer.

Yesterday we had an elder from the first quorum of seventy talk. His wife, though it was only the second time she had talked in a different language, bore such strong testimony that it really gave me hope that I can do the same on my mission. I like being able to listen to all these church authorities and be taught what we need to be doing in order to be better missionaries.

I have now been here six weeks and only have about 2 and a half left before the predicted departure date, hopefully soon we will get our itinerary and be able to start prepping! I sent one suit in today to have it dry cleaned, they have pretty good deals here on everything, plus we get a weekly allowance of six dollars! Woo hoo, right? It is actually a lot better than it sounds because we get something like 40% off as missionaries. Plus, I don't have to buy much anyways.

In gym, the Swedes are beginning to dominate at four square, especially Thursdays... lol. Not that we are mean, we have just been here forever (relatively).

Each day is basically the same with classes, studying and eating cafeteria food! But, it is amazing. We are teaching discussions in Swedish and rocking them, for how long we have been learning. Monday is always TRC, when we get to go and teach/interact with people who know Swedish. Monday my companion, Elder Rowley, and I got to teach Brigita. She was surprised when I told her, in Swedish, that we had only been learning for about five weeks. She was surprised we could understand, even though I was stumbling over myself all the time, and my grammar was terrible! I know it is going to come, I will just keep on working on it!

I love you all, thank you for your support and letters! They are all very much appreciated! If you want to know anything specific, let me know!

Aldste Maxwell

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