Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week 5 - An End to the Tie Trade

Austin and Ben came up with the idea of trading ties with other missionaries, the goal being to only wear each tie a few times on thier missions. This is one of the "new" ties he traded for. Alas, the tie trade has ended.
So, this past week has been really fun. I did find the pillow room and I now actually have an extra pillow on my bed. =P I have a couple pictures so you can see when I send the next memory card... The amazing things that are possible with only a pop can. Anyways, I was talking to Elder Stoker Monday, he is from Spokane, Washington and recently started to climb, it was soo much fun being able to talk to someone almost as crazy about rock climbing as me!! He climbs at Wild Walls.

I saw Covey yesterday, he was eating in the cafeteria so I ran into him... That was cool and I was glad to see him. I have not done too much else recently. Our branch president has told us that it is not allowed to tie trade any more, that it is not good for our purpose and too distracting... it is really sad. I got two different ties before they told us not to... I might try to get some trades in Sweden... we will see.

So, right now there is a group from some news station here filming us and interviewing some... It is kind of weird. We are in pday clothes, in the laundry room! It is kind of funny watching them film peoples clothes in the dryers and people sitting at the tables writing letters and typing email.

This Monday we taught our first lesson completely in Swedish... We got paired up with an older volunteer who liked to tell stories a lot... So , we spent a little less time teaching and a lot less in Swedish. Either way, I enjoyed the experience. We are swinging to completely teaching and talking pa svenska in class and trying to outside. I still have a long way to go. Only 26 more days here before we head out into the field!

Elder Horning, from BYU, left earlier this week to Florida. It was really nice being able to see him again. He is really nice and full of the Spirit. I got one last pic with him the night before he left.

I am really starting to know all the secrets and tricks to getting around the MTC, not being in lines, getting the best seats possible at devotionals, and which showers are usually warm and which ones have descent water pressure. Quite exciting, I know. haha Today is Wednesday, new elders are coming in! It is always fun. I wonder if I looked that scared when I got in. Half the time I bet I was worse!

The Dutch Elders and Sisters (next door) left earlier this week, except for one who had his plans messed up, the travel office decided he would leave next week, didn't print off his ticket, and left his visa in Salt Lake. That would be so frustrating! The good thing is that none of the European countries are really bad at letting us get visas. Only those going to Mexico and Brazil and such...and there are a ton of them on top of that.

I am having fun and everything is great here! I hope that everything is good at home and that you all enjoy your snow day! Love you all! Let me know how you are doing, I really do enjoy getting mail and is fun! Thank you for all your support and success. Tell TJ to let me know where he is going, I still have not heard.

Love you lots!
Elder Maxwell

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