Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week 7 - I'm Soo Excited!

I am sooo excited to be heading out into the field. I still have a lot that I need to work on before I will be ready to head out but it is getting close. We are teaching full discussions in Swedish and we are setting apart 4 or 5 hours of speaking Swedish outside of class. Next week I want to try endast Svenska! That should be a good test to see whether or not I am ready to head out into the field. We should have travel plans by Friday at the latest.

One of our teachers told us a story about one of his investigators, it was a really good story. I hope that I will be able to find some people like that when I get out and get to serve! Lat night in the devotional, we had a sensational speaker. If it is possible, I would recommend that you all read it. Elder Pearson from the first quorum of the seventy spoke. He talked a lot about how missionaries do not reach their full potential and how we need to be exactly obedient to every single rule so we can have the spirit with us to the degree that we can do anything. I really enjoyed it, though I think my companion hated it, even our branch president was surprised that the talk was so forward.

Nothing much else has happened recently. I began teaching Lowana in the TEC last night as well as Daniel. It is really fun teaching people, even if they are just really good actors. (Daniel is a paid actor to work here, it is crazy! It is fun to see how realistic it is though.) Only one more English group that got here after us leaves before we do! Then we are next. New missionaries show up again today and I get to go to the temple! I am really excited for it today, it is amazing how much we can learn at a time!

Swedish is coming along, I am getting excited to listen to real Swedes talk their language and try to keep up. Haha, I am going to embarass myself soo much, I can't wait! I will enjoy it. I never really have been one to give up, this should be a good test to see how long I can last. One and a half weeks left! eeeppp!! (Raymond)

Love you all, thanks for your support!
Aldste Maxwell

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  1. Don't worry angels will help you with the language and you will do great!