Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Questions - Austin's Answers

We sent Austin a list of random questions, here are the questions and his answers:

  • Do you sleep on the top or bottom bunk? - I sleep on the top bunk
  • What did you have for breakfast this morning? - I had a yogurt, bagel and two orange juices
  • What tie do you wear most often? - Not sure, I try to rotate them as much as possible
  • What is your favorite mission scripture? - D&C 15 right now or D&C 64:2-6 (I think that is the right one)
  • Can you read your scriptures in Swedish? - yes, I can read the scriptures in Swedish. It is actually easier than reading "Preach my Gospel" (which I read with a dictionary)
  • What is the furthest from the MTC you have been in the last 8 weeks? - The furthest from the MTC I have been is the Provo temple
  • What is one thing you would really like to eat right now? - I would really like to eat a plate of fresh, good fruits and vegetables.
  • What was the last hymn you sang? - Last hymn I sang was 216 "We are Sowing" (I think)
  • What is the best quote you heard in the last week? - "If you had someone filming the past 24 hours of your life, would you be proud of it?" (Sister Kearon, wife of a seventy, they both spoke last night.)
  • Who has been your favorite speaker, so far, at the MTC? - That is a really hard question. I really enjoyed last night, but last week was better. It was more to the point, REPENT! kind of stuff. I don't remember the name now...sorry.
  • What are you most looking forward to today? - Today, going to the temple. It is beautiful outside and the temple is always awesome.

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