Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He's in Sweden?!?

On Monday, Austin and his district left for Sweden. We were expecting a call from the Salt Lake Airport but they were delayed getting checked in and were unable to make calls.

Austin was able to make a quick call from Detroit before he boarded his flight to Amsterdam. (It was a long, sad morning thinking I wasn't going to hear from him after all. And yes, I did track his plane flying across the screen on "flight status"!) It ended up being a good thing because then some of the kids were also able to talk to him. (Yes, I did share the phone call.)

He sounds great! He is happy and excited to finally get to Sweden. He said that his district got to sing the song his companion wrote at the farewell meeting on Sunday night. There were 13 missionaries headed to Sweden. One of the stewardesses spoke to him in Swedish and he understood what she said and was able to answer in Swedish. Oh, and he was quite proud of the fact that he was able to keep both bags under 50 pounds.

We haven't heard from Sweden that he has made it yet but I guess when you are taking care of 13 new missionaries - no news is good news. I am guessing that his p-day (preparation day - the day to write letters, do laundry, go shopping, etc.) will be on Monday. I will post again as soon as soon as we hear from him.


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