Monday, March 28, 2011

What a blessing to do hard things!

I still get snow here too, though it is warming up quite a bit now. Down in Goteborg there is no more snow! and the lakes and such are already mostly melted!!! There is snow everywhere in Karlstad, got a little yesterday too! I bet it warms up really soon!

How was the Flying Jacob? I have still only had the missionary version, so let me know! I bet Jonathan would like the missionary version we eat a lot better. ( We searched on the internet and made Flygand Jacob for dinner - bananas, bacon, peanuts - the whole bit. Jonathan's comment as he looked at it was the best, "Mom, we don't have to try everything just because Austin has it on his mission!" Needless to say, I don't think they had an open mind as they tried it. Not bad but not my favorite. There is also a YouTube video of missionaries teaching how to make it!)

Let's see... uh, this weeks food can be piti pan, I don't know how that is spelled and I truly doubt it is Swedish. Basically, hash brown cubes with ham cubes and some onion, cook until ready, add eggs, when that is all cooked you are done! Serve on tortillas like a taco. I eat mine with cheese and sour cream, sometimes ketchup... enjoy! The food is a little sad that missionaries eat...

Do you have any good and simple stir fry recipes (with vegetables). Any thing else you could think of that is good, simple and has vegetables in the recipe - please send!!! (I'm sure he would welcome recipes from anyone, send him an email!) Sorry, I am already a little tired of the same four dishes... I did eat some fish at Medhi's house. It was good, simple too.

Some of the investigators are progressing, others are not so much, or going backwards. Jimmy isn't talking to us, which is a shame. Behruz is still smoking and such, he missed his baptism date already, he will probably be taught by other missionaries in the future, not ready now. We are trying to find more people. The work goes on.

My week has been great, I got a coat from a family in the ward, they are super nice. One of their sons is going to SLC on his mission this August! I am excited for him and for SLC, they will get an amazing missionary, in a Swedish suit, yeah.

I did a lot more tracting than before, this will probably be the trend for the next couple weeks, we need more investigators woh want to do what we teach. The investigators that we have are interesting. Right now we have one really good investigator, on track for baptism in three weeks time. Other than that we have some people we teach, never regularly. We are finding some people but no good inbestigators, not yet anyways. Most people we teach are immigrants, the Swedes don't believe in God or don't want to talk about it, or both.

I am super excited for conference, they will have it in both Swedish and English. They have everything delayed. We get one session Saturday (the morning session) and then everything else is Sunday except for the afternoon session, which I believe we will watch on the computer if it is not too late. It will all be on the computers, we will be able to listen and watch, plus, we can burn the talks to cds and listen to them while in the apartment, that is fun.

Thank you for writing, I really really enjoy all of this. I will do what I can to be exactly perfect and to find people to teach. I know that I will also receive help from above, I have already seen that in my time here, and I have only been here for three weeks, almost four.

Share what you have with everyone!!! It is amazing to see what others believe, what they are missing. I am soooooooo happy that I was found worthy by my Savior to come and teach his children. What a blessing it is to do hard things.

Love you,
Aldste Maxwell

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