Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference in Sweden

I did watch most of conference this weekend, I am planning on finishing it with my companion this afternoon. They have it set up so we can watch conference in several languages. I watched it in English the whole time. We had it set up to be in English in one room and then Swedish in the other but everyone here decided to watch it in English, even the members that came. We watched the Saturday morning session on Sat. afternoon, the priesthood session Sunday morning and the Sunday morning session in the afternoon. Today it will be just my companion and I watching on the computer. We brought popcorn! It is a lot of fun.

I am teaching my companion French, he knows Swedish and wants to learn another language. I am helping him with pronounciation, which is helping me remember what I know... I am still working on Swedish.

We stay pretty busy here, though most of our investigators are really hard to get a hold of, have school, or are too busy. It is good to be busy and doing good things, but too often that is just an excuse that people make so they don't have to meet.

I am waiting for the snow to melt to see truly how beautiful it is here, I think once the grass is green and trees have leaves it will be spectacular! Not that it is not pretty now, you will see. I will try to send my card soon.

Thank you for teaching me what is important in life, to study the scriptures, and center life around the gospel. It is amazing seeing how people think it is easier to just ignore that part of life. I have seen and felt so many blessings already, as Kerstin (an 89 year old lady we visit) said, the Lord blesses us greatly, she was amazed how well I could speak Swedish and that I was able to communicate with her!

Thank you for all of your support! It is truly a blessing to be able to serve my Lord. I love the work, I love you all back home! Take care, have fun and be happy!

Aldste Maxwell

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