Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Glad I have Struggles!

It is a lot of finding work that we are doing right now. We have several investigators, right now none are progressing... So we look for more people who would like to learn more. It is fun work though it is also filled with shut doors. Yesterday we knocked on one door, the man opened the door and as soon as he saw us he began yelling, really loud, swearing and all that (in Swedish of course). Of course he also thought we were JW's but he never gave us a chance to say anything. Very fun. It make me sad though, people don't even give us a chance.

The ways that the Lord works are incredible. I am continuing to learn how he teaches, not just others, but me. I am constantly learning, making observations and being edified by little things every day. It is spectacular to read in the Book of Mormon, and read the stories, the teachings and prophecies. Everything has a pattern, everything has a purpose. All we need to do is figure out what they are, and we have been shown what we need to do, it is all given to us. It is sad to see all these people around me who do not accept truth, they reject truth and light, they are blind to what they even have. Some of the most difficult people to teach are those who do read and study the bible, they do not understand what it means, and will not accept what help they need to really understand. I do pray for them, I pray for help, I do not know what to do. But, I don't have to, someone else does, and He is waiting to help.

We taught a religion class in high school this week. The classes we teach are usually from 16 to 18 year old kids, so not too old, and they usually think we are atleast 25ish. The class this week was really fun. First, the teacher usues the South Park episode to teach her classes about the Mormons... I know, what teacher would use South Park to teach a class of students? Anyways, we taucht basically the first lesson, then answered questions. It went very well. We taught in English, but used some Swedish, they laughed at me a bit when I spoke Swedish, but that is expected, right? The questions, were of course mainly rumors, how many wives do you have? What is your magic underwear? And then some anti-ish stuff. The teacher likes asking the very anti questions like why are there no women leading the church? Why don't they get the priesthood? and all those types.

It is incredible to see how we are led to answer the questions. I know that a lot of what I said came from the Spirit and my Father in Heaven. I have felt him comfort me through all the shut doors, rude people and helped me know what to say when given the oportunity to talk to people. For the most part they understand what I am trying to say, I know that he is helping me every single day. I hope that I can be more receptive to his promptings and see the tender mercies and comfort throughout every day. I am far from perfect, but I am trying to be closer, one step at a time.

I am glad that I have struggles, they make it more fun to smile. The Lord always tests us before he blesses us, that is one reason the blessings are so amazing! I hope to serve as I have been called, to find my mission and do all that I can to finish it. I have already been strengthened and will perservere, nothing easy is ever worth it.

Be happy and don't let the time fly too fast.

Aldste Maxwell

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  1. katie,

    i have read some, laughed, cried and [yet] never THANKED you for sharing. THANK YOU. Your son is amazIng, as are all of you, and I am truly thankful to share in his adventure.

    His testimony and words are blessing my life. "I am glad that I have struggles" too! ;)