Monday, April 18, 2011

We knocked on the wrong door?

This week has been really good, one of the best experiences of my mission happened this week, at least so far. This week while on splits, I was the senior companion and we went tracting after meeting with one of our investigators, the investigator teach went really well so we had a good start. While tracting we knocked on a lot of doors, at one of the doors an older man opened the door and asked what we wanted. After explaining what we were out to do, he let us in saying that it sounded interesting (our message). After talking for about a half hour he just started laughing, more than he had been throughout the whole teach, and told us that he was just joking, he does that to all the religious people who knock on his door. Of course that was disappointing to hear but I felt like I should keep teaching and asking questions. As the teach went on, he became more attentive - he really listened and really had to try to laugh. I saw a change in him, he was still skeptical, but he saw the light. We left him a card and a promise to come by in a week or so, even though hew was not sure why we would think he was worth it... I love seeing how people can be changed like that, he would not admit it but there was something that we said I could tell touched him. I love this work and seeing the amazing changes made in people's lives that follow his teachings. I am excited to have many more teaches and experiences just like that!

The mission is great, we are progressing some investigators and have more positive ones, though there are also down falls. For example, one of our investigators now is Muslim. He comes from Iran. If we were to baptize him and he were to go back to Iran, there would be no way to stay active or practicing. He would be killed as soon as anyone found out that he had become a Christian. He is not sure whether or not he will be able to stay, or bring his wife and daughter over to Sweden forever. He can't really be baptized. The sad part is the Iranian government supports and even helps to destroy those people who convert. It is a sad world that makes people do things like that.

Other than that, we are doing really well. We have an investigator (Swedish) who has said he wants to be baptized, but is waiting until he finishes school this spring. We have met others who are also very positive and good people. Actually yesterday, Elder Cluff and I went to drop off a Book of Mormon to an investigator, but we went to the wrong door, we talked to the guy that answered anyways, he seemed really interested, we talked for a while, gave him a Book of Mormon and then he said he would read it and wants us to come back in a while and talk more! Cool and amazing things happen all the time!

Happy season of Easter! (Pask) Oh yeah, remember the Julemust that Eirik's family sent? They have the same thing for Easter, but of course a different name (Paskmust). It is good, very different from US sodas, but good.

It is really fun being on a mission, best time of my life. Already worth more than I could have ever imagined. It is amazing how fast we are able to learn and to grow. I finished the Book of Mormon again (since arriving in Sweden) and it is an incredible book!!!! As President Monson said, "Read it!"

I love you all, thanks for all of your support!
Aldste Maxwell

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