Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Work Continues!

So, yes, transfers are next week. That will change a couple of things. I will most likely still be here in Karlstad, but if not... who knows? I will let you know next Wednesday, p-day is pushed back to the day before transfers so Monday next week will be a little different.

We are having incredible weather! I had to stop wearing my suit coat because it was too hot. And then I started getting scared for summer. One, because it is hot. Two, because what I thought was slightly immodest - exploded.

I have had a good week, we began tracting in a new area, Orrholmen. It was a place that I found on the map while my companion slept, trying to get healthy. We went there and found some really big apartment buildings that were not port coded!! We started tracting, and a lot of the people that opened the door were interested to listen to our message! My companion nicknamed the place the promised land. That was probably the weeks highlight.

We had two dinners with members this week, they were all Easter themed. We had hardboiled eggs, one had some type of shrimp on top, the other had some caviar (I thought that was actually pretty good, plus it was cool that the little orange eggs popped when bitten). At the Nilssons we had the caviar eggs, followed by lamb, I thought of Emma while eating that.... then I had to bahh. So I told them the story and everyone started making little lamb noises, I missed Emma a lot then. We also had potatoes augratin (cheesey potatoes) at each house. At the Amachi family's house we had the shrimp eggs after having a flash fried fish on toast with some weird sause. The fish was raw. It was really good though. Afther those interesting dished we had the potatoes, chicken and a salad. Both times we drank Paskmust as that is essential at Easter.

I am trying to learn all that I can from the people here, they are really willing to help when asked, though if you just want to talk it is a little harder. Prayers are amazing, they are such a blessing for me, especially as a missionary. I can talk to somone who knows everything!!! I don't think there is any better resource. I am so glad to be here. It has blessed me soooo much already and I feel that I have grown, though I know I still have a very long way to go. I am glad that I can serve my Lord.

It has been a really good week. I believe my companion and I are mostly better, so the work continues!

Love you lots,
Aldste Maxwell


  1. It is so fun reading his posts. Ok, I have to hear this Emma lamb story. :) Stephan told me all about that drink he is talking about on Sunday. He said it is so good and you can only get it at IKEA during Christmas time.

  2. The Emma lamb story: When we were in Mexico this summer Austin ordered lamb at one resteraunt and Emma agreed to try some. Just as she took a bite I said Bahh! You should have seen her face! Needless to say we were all laughing for quite a while! I think we will all think of that whenever lamb is served. It sounds like the family took it well and wasn't offended, thank goodness!

  3. Eirik, our exchange student from Norway, got a package for Christmas from his parents with Julemast. Which is the Christmas version of the drink (available at Ikea) It is kind of a fruity soda. We all liked it. There isn't anything that tastes quite the same here.