Monday, May 16, 2011

My Week was Great!

My week was great! It is rainy here now. Sweden is very interesting weather wise, it is unpredictable but nice. Mostly we have been getting sun, recently it cooled off a little and we got some rain, and then it will probably be sunny again. I have heard that they get thunder and lightening, though I do not believe that it is very common. (Meaning that I have not seen or heard either myself while being here.) I do enjoy a good thunder and lightening, it is always fun to watch and there is just a power in the sound.

I am sorry if I am beginning to make less sense. I was told yesterday that I said something very Swedish, grammatically anyways.

We taught about 11 lessons this week I believe, which was pretty good for Karlstad. We talked to most all of our investigators and got back in touch with some old investigators. One of the investigators is a little crazy. ... the branch mission leader started laughing and shaking his head when he saw the name in our report on Sunday. It was funny. We knocked on her door, she opened it and let us in. We basically had to crawl over an old couch and other junk to make it into the kitchen, which was a disaster, there was a rabbit cage on the ground...there was some rotting vegetables inside it and basically all over the floor. I never saw the rabbit though, or whatever it was that lives/lived in there. Anyways, we started listening to the lady (listening because she did all the talking) and she covered a lot! She began talking about some person that she believed in...I think he basically claimed to be a Christ or a similar thing to Christ, and she believed in what he wrote, or something like that, it was all in Swedish and she jumped around so much that I have no idea what she was really talking about. Of course she also talked about other things too, like the space brothers and how she went to see them, but you can't really see them with our natural eyes. She wondered if they needed some type of money to go back home and if that was why they are here. She told us about the space ship she saw and that she wanted to be baptized , but that she would have to stop drinking tea and coffee first, and then she talked about the first guy again, most of the same.... And then her husband went past the kitchen and opened the front door then went back in to watch TV...she continued to talk, he came and told us to leave, returned to the TV, and she continued to talk, and he came back to tell us to leave and that he did not believe in our church because God, the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ were three and that doesn't work, so he doesn't believe in God... he was drunk I think, he also looked deathly sick. I am guessing that he has been drunk for years and undernourished too. Anyways we left and that was about it.... That was an exciting day.

I contacted a lot of people and had some fun responses. Sooooo many people believe in God and know that he is really there but do not want to admit it because they know that means they will have to change their lifestyle.

Food was generally pretty normal this week. Oh, Monday we visited a Bangladeshi investigator, he fed us, good food, almost like Indian, maybe better. They gave us some drink stuff, it looked like some kind of smoothie, I was thinking blueberry...he said it was to help with digestion so you can eat more. So I tried it, he said he thought we would like it. It was nasty. I am sure there was no fruit in it, if there was milk, it was definitely sour. It was kind of like drinking sour cream but didn't taste as good. Plus, he had given me a whole cupful!!!! It was great, I downed it as fast as I could, it took a couple goes... then at good curry chicken and rice to forget about it.

My new companion told me that he has always eaten separately with all his other companions, so i am now cooking for myself! I think that is good and bad, first, I can eat more of what I want. Second, I don't need to worry about what he likes or doesn't like. But it is really weird. He will never be in the kitchen when I am, so if I cook my food and eat it at the table, he waits until I am done and have done the dishes, and go to study or something else before he even goes in! He is a very quiet person, coming from me that is a lot! Really though he is a nice person, he talks a little more now with me when we are in the apartment or walking around. I have no idea what he did before coming on his mission, other than he is trying to major in theater, as a light tech. Members have even asked him what he likes to do and he has never answered them. So, that is my goal. I am going to find a way in and see who he is!

I have not done much sightseeing on p-days, I would like to go out and do more of that but my companions, so far don't seem to want to. There is a lot of water here, lakes and rivers galore! And, as a missionary I try to stay away... I might fall in... ha ha...

I even got a dryer hug today!!! (Pretending it was from you of course) So thanks for teaching me that! It is an easy way to remember being home for a little, not that I am homesick, this is too much fun right now!

Overall, a lot is happening and miracles are everywhere!

Aldste Maxwell

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