Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Mission Pres and Transfers

On July 1 the Sweden, Stockholm Mission will have a new mission president: Gregory J. Newell.

This Saturday we meet the new president. We get to travel to Goteborg for that then have a conference for 2-3 hours and come back!! The trip to Goteborg is about 3 1/2 hours one way... so Saturday will be a day of travel. There will be two conferences, one in Goteborg and one in Stockholm, all the missionaries will travel to see him in either of those two places. So I am not traveling very far compared to those in Lulea.

I am sure he will be amazing! It will be exciting to see how the mission changes and if he can get us in to talk to new people or open new doors as an ex US Ambassador to Sweden!! Plus, he will know Swedish really well! I am excited, I will miss the Andersons though, they were really nice. It was cool, we were in Jonkoping and a guy stopped us and asked us if we knew Newell. Supposedly he had worked with him (he was a police officer or something) and really liked him. It will be fun seeing what happens when he is here.

We have transfer calls next Tuesday!! (p-day will be on Wednesday next week) I am predicting / hoping that I will go to Norrland, that is also what most of the district predicted I would be doing. But, who knows?! I actually want to go to Norrland for a winter...as far north as possible! I think it would be fun.. in a very new experience, cold and dark way!

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  1. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to have 2 different mission presidents while serving, that means he gets to taught by 2 special witnesses of God.