Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People Need an Example

My week has been good, as usual. After I tell you that Sweden is different than what is happening weather wise in New York, it is the same! It has gotten hot and I currently feel like the sweaty, nasty, damp...not too much fun. Especially since the deodorant they have here is nowhere near as effective! At least nothing I have yet found. The good thing is that outside it is usually windy and feels quite good... Though it makes it easy for the people to continue in their VERY immodest wear... but that is just another thing that Satan tries to use against his servants. IT WON'T WORK!!!

This past week has been good! All of our investigators have begun the "avoid missionary/too busy" stage and so we have had a slower time. I got to go on splits to Jonkopping though and teach, which went amazing, and got in contact with several super positive people, inviting to church and getting people to come to play basketball with us later that night!!! It was amazing! Now I just need to figure out how can we make that happen in Karlstad? We have begun talking to more people, we need some new investigators, people that want to make progress and join the church, learn of Christ! It is hard watching people turning away an opportunity to be really happy!

Today me and my companion were stopped by a man on the street, usually that is really good, so I was getting excited. Then, after he finished his other conversation, he turned to us and said, "To me, you are Al Quaeda". That was quite shocking, I have to say. He went on explaining that we do the same things as they do, that we teach religion and if people attacked us we would also become aggressive and kill people like them. At that point, me and my companion knew that it was pointless to counter what he said, and let him finish his rant about how we are evil and telling us to leave religion, to do something else. I am sad to see people like that who are so confused in the world. It is sad to see the hold Satan has on people, the ability that he has to blind them from the truth, and make them unwilling to even see the truth when it is given to them!!

In this world people need an example, they need someone to follow. They are not willing to follow Christ, but they see us every day. As members of the Church we covenant to take upon us the name of Christ. As they are not willing to look for Christ, we must do our duty and show them who Christ is through our own lives. I know that it is not easy to be perfect! I am myself far from perfect. But it is easy to smile! It is easy to say hello to someone, ask how they are doing! It doesn't take much! And who cares if it is "weird", what isn't "weird" about who we are, what we stand for? I know that people notice us, and all the things that we do. They know who we are. Be different! Be happy! Show everyone that we have something, because we really do have an amazing gift! And they do want it! And we want to share it! How is that for babbling? ha ha, I know this church is true, it is truly a church of happiness, of peace and service.

I am very grateful for all the examples that I have had through my life, the people that taught me truth and were able to help me understand who I am. I love being a missionary, it is the best feeling in the world to share the message, and even when rejected, I know we are blessed! It is never bad to be rejected, they just don't understand or are not ready, but the time will come and they will remember!

Love You!
Aldste Maxwell

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