Monday, June 13, 2011

This Week Has Been Amazing

I never see the sun set... It is still up when we go to bed and up way befoe I am!! It is cool.

This week has been amazing. Karlstad has been quite slow for a while and we have been needing some new investigators. So, we have spent time talking to old investigators, and talking to new people. It is amazing to see how when we trust in the Lord, he makes things happen and, when we follow instruction, blessings come. Last week when we got the weekly letter, I read through it. I was surprised to see that we were to challenge every investigator that we taught unless prompted not to. I wondered what would happen, but with my companion we decided to do it. The next day we went to teach Sasha. The teach started off really awkward and slow...but as we began to talk about God and what we believe, the spirit came and guided the discussion. We started talking about baptism, he told us that he had talked to Jehovas and they had said he would have to be baptized again, but he didn't like that. We began to explain what baptism really means, why it is important, and how Christ showed us how we should perform baptisms. he then told us that his baptism was wrong, that it was not good. Then, following promptings, and advice, we gave him the baptismal invitation. He accepted and was very excited! He started asking what he has to do to be baptized and what we believe. We taught the Word of Wisdom, he stopped everything on the spot and talked about how we would have to meet, come to church and everything. He was sooo excited, it was amazing. And the spirit was super strong as well!!! If all goes well, in two weeks time we will have had a baptism in Karlstad with Sasha!

I love seeing the Lord work miracles and me being able to help and to be there to witness the changes that happen in people.

It is amazing being able to learn and to grow, to be out in the field of the Lord, seeing how He works and shat it takes to help people to take off the blinders in life, to be able to see the whole perspective! I love this work and this opportunity!

May the Lord bless you all and keep you safe! I love you all very much and love hearing from you!

Aldste Maxwell

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