Monday, December 12, 2011

New Companion, New Area - and Loving it!

I was introduced as the new Elder in sacrament meeting as well as the Christmas party that they had last night. I did bear my testimony in sacrament meeting... at the end of the talk I gave! First week in the branch and I am giving a talk! Yes, they do speak a new dialect... skånish. It is basically the southern drawl of Sweden. It is not too different, though they do sound funny and have a couple words that are a little different... I have done well so-far understanding everyone! After my talk I was told that I made no grammatical mistakes by two ladies. By an older man I was told that I needed to be more lively... he also told me that I was a ''mothers best dream'' and that what I said came from the heart, but to be even better (unstoppable) I needed to work on my speech skills! So, that was exciting!

So, I am a co-senior companion. Elder Gygi was in my MTC group, he comes from Cotton Wood Heights (Sandy) Utah. Um... played soccer in the US, and has two brothers and an older sister I believe... so, yeah! He is cool, looking forward to a lot of hard work together! He has no problems speaking Swedish, so we have been speaking Swedish almost the whole time! It is great! Week went well, allt är bra hit tills! And I am not sick! Yes, I am starting to feel old... especially as a missionary. It is weird... My trainer is going home in about three months, and my other companions will all be gone about the same time! It is weird.

My new area is really cool. I am already starting to love the way that they talk here... it is so different. If is funny, I just love it! Maybe you can you-tube it or something... Swedish vs skånish... I bet you would find something funny! Anyways, I love it, the people here are really nice, I already feel like I am becoming a part of the ward, though they are also very very different from the others. I have had 2 people now though say that they recognized me... in two different areas, that I am sure I never met before! It is cool, but weird. The area is ready to be harvested, the field is white, and now the workers are ready to get in and work!!! It is going to be a really exciting time here... I just feel that people here are ready, that there are people here that I need to help, who are waiting, and that I can and will find!

Like I said I am ready to work... A mission is training, in all reality, for life and continued missionary work. I feel like I have a good enough grasp on the work now to really start to work, that it is going to be awesome! I am just excited!! I am working on getting to know the members and all of the investigators, but also working on opening my mouth always, to talk to people, and help them find the light! I love being able to see my growth and their growth. All progressing together in this life towards our goal in the life to come! This work is the best work ever, it is full of blessings, and the fruits are rich. I love being a missionary!

I love you all! Have a great week, and I hope to hear from you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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