Monday, December 5, 2011

PS - I'm Being Transfered!

Isn't it crazy that a year has already passed? It has been nothing! I have no idea where all of the time went, but I might want some of it back.... we will see, we are changing a lot in the mission, how we work, what we say, where our focus is. As President Causeé said, we have great potential, but we need to ''raise the bar''! It was sick! I love being chastised, torn apart, and inspired! Sometimes it is hard, I just want to start running, or to sit in the hot-tub, lift some real weights... get a hug from Mom, play with Ian, you know! But, it is as you said... a blessing and is full of purpose! I want to be a missionary! I want to teach, I want to help people find the light! It is the best ever! When we give, we are given soo much in return!

I try to keep my apartment relatively clean... it does need to be cleaned right now, I will admit that, but I will let that wait a couple days... it is about to get a lot worse!!! haha! Yes, I have opened my Dec. 1st packet, and I have the other two waiting!!! I scribbled out the green sticker (custom form) so I can't read it. So, now I get to wait to open it!!! Elder Kundis hates waiting... it drives him crazy! Haha, so it was funny telling him I got two more packages that I won't open. And now he won't even know what is in them! Ever! maybe... unless he calls on Christmas or something like that. I have yet to set up the tree, which is a good thing, I will wait until Thursday or sometime this weekend to set it up after getting settled in! I am excited to see what it looks like set up, and to try the eggnog recipe inside it!

This is something that I have really appreciated on my mission... I have had to think about the why and how. I mean, the church is part of my life... it IS my life.. why is it something that is so important to others, why would they want it? Thoughts like that are not too often thought before the mission. I at least never really thought about the gospel like that. I hope that was not a bad thing, but coming on the mission has really opened my eyes. I didn't really understand the gospel, I didn't know what I was living, or who I really was. I love being able to see, to have an open perspective without the distractions of the world to sit and think through my own beliefs, my feelings, and my experiences with the gospel so I am able to share them with others! Of course, I can not do it on my own, when I try to teach nothing goes the way that it should. I am just glad that I have the spirit to lead me, to put words in my mouth and help me find the elect! I love being a missionary, I am still learning every day, and loving the experience that it gives. Both spiritually and otherwise! I hope and pray that as I continue to work, that I will be strengthened and blessed to see the fulfillment of the promises for this land of Sweden. I want to be a part of the Second Harvest, the promised gathering here in Sweden of the Swedish folk. It will happen, the only question is, will I be a part of it? The best part is... I get to decide! Do I give my all? Do I focus on the message? What more can I do? I want to, now I just have to get out there and do it! It is a question I guess everyone has to ask themselves... what am I willing to give? I know that this church is true, the gospel works miracles in peoples lives every day. I love being a missionary and serving the people!

I love the work!Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

PS. I am being transferred this week! Haha, I will be going to Kristianstad (Christian City) and serving with Elder Gygi from my MTC group. It is going to be awesome, I get to learn Skånish, and it is going to be incredible!!! I don't know too much about the area... it is a branch, though nearly a ward supposedly. I am looking forward to it and hope that all goes well! I will let you know about it next week when I learn a little more! haha... I am getting on a train Wednesday kl 9.00 and ride down to Kristianstad to meet my new companion! That is actually interesting, with President Newel, we are allowed to travel alone, so I will be going solo for a couple hours! Scary, but pretty cool. Oh, and I got my grey card with SJ (The travel company for Sweden) so I get free hot chocolate on every SJ train from the Bistro!!! Cool, huh? Well, I have a lot of packing and cleaning, as well as appointments, teaches, and such before I go!!! I hope that you all have a great time! You are all incredible! I love you! Ha det bra!

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