Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Guessing ...Germany!

Christian has all his papers done!!! That is super exciting!!! For Christian I am going to guess Germany... yeah, he will go to Germany... maybe! =P That is what I am going to guess anyways!

Yes, we had a baptism. It was really nice, and after all of the confusion was sorted out everything went really well. I am glad to say that everything went well, and now, if everything continues to go well, we will have another baptism in less than two weeks. We are right now blessed with a couple people who were just ready, who are already living the commandments, and are seeking truth, and I know that as we continue to work every thing will continue to go well.

(Sister Carver is a missionary that served in our ward and Austin met right before he left on his mission. I saw her the other day and she mentioned that her cousin, in Sweden had mentioned Austin) Yeah, I talked to her cousin. Elder Humphreys is actually my zone leader right now. It was really cool, and the world is very very small. It was actually really funny. Elder Humphreys asked where I was from, went through part of the story and said New York, he told me about his cousin, and I said, ''I actually have a picture with her!'' It was really funny. He was blown away... He is a really cool missionary, and really really good at Swedish. And, I do agree, time goes by way too fast!

( I told Austin that on Ian's "All About Me" form for Primary, Ian said that his favorite thing about primary was when it was time to go home!) Ha ha, Ian is adorable, I can't believe that he actually said that! I like how little kids are so honest, and I hope that the Primary presidency does realize that it is not an insult at all, little kids can get away with the funniest things! I have a little buddy here in the ward too, his name is Noah and he teaches me how to do things, and I help him out when he needs it, it is really fun. Reminds me of Ian! It is great.

We are still waiting on snow here, it is getting really cold and the little river was partly frozen this morning, so I wouldn't be too surprised if we get some soon! I am looking forward to it but not at the same time... so yeah! We have had some really nice sunny days though, it was incredible! I love the sun! It is funny though that it sets at 4 still, really weird.

I got my new companion on Wednesday. His name is Elder Hakan Swenson (okay, so elder is not really part of his name... but it is, okay? =P) He comes from Cedar City UT and is in the national guard. He is a real tough guy, but really fun and relaxed at the same time, it is awesome. We began by cleaning the apartment, and I mean really clean! (I did make sure that it was clean before he came... I spent three whole hours cleaning after dropping Elder Gygi off... he wasn't too big of a cleaner...) So, the apartment is awesome now. That night after the working day, and visiting a member family for dinner, we had a super awesome nerf war! It was probably an hour and a half long, we, in the process moved most of the furniture into makeshift bunkers, and I would have to say that the nerf was was probably the best work out I have had in a while! We basically already have plans to go climbing, skydiving and all that when we get back... He is awesome, and we are going to have a great transfer.

He is quiet, like me, so in teaches we will be working on that, and working on how we do missionary work together.. that always takes a couple weeks to figure out. We have a good week planned ahead of us, and are looking forward to doing some really good work! I am super excited.

I am so glad that Allegra got to help out with the investigator! That makes all the difference. Especially to the mother. Mothers want to help their children, so when the child feels loved and welcome, and wants to go back it is really likely that the mother will come back as well! I love missionary work, it just feels good. Especially when you just give everything and are not holding back. I have found that when I just do what I need to do, it gets easier! I have to get over the initial worry, and just get into it! It is incredible! I love feeling the spirit lead my words, my teaching, and everything that I do, to best help these people. I know I am not perfect, even as a missionary I am not perfect, but I want to. I want to do more. I hope that some day, I will be better, closer to my potential. I hope that I never reach it, but that I can continue to grow for all eternity. I do not want to set limits to who I can be! I love being a missionary, it is the best time of my life so far!

I love you all!

Especially you Mom! (I just had to leave that in!)

Thank you!
Äldste Maxwell

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  1. Katie you should leave that in!!! It must be the age, because Dallin isn't liking primary so much these days either. He sounds great!!