Monday, January 30, 2012

Doing Great!

I am doing great, I have avoided the majority of the sickness, and that is a bonus! I have had a relatively good week, it was a lot slower teaching wise, and so the whole week was slower... I am going to change that this coming week! =P I am senior companion now, so I will have to be setting the pace. Oh, we started running every morning on a track nearby, and I have averaged 3 miles every morning, though last Friday I got another nice blister! It was perfect, I get to let it heal until tomorrow when we run again! I love running, and it helps to get up and stay up!!!

I was not a big writer... but it is great to get letters! I am still not a good writer actually, it takes me forever to get back to someone! I hope that everyone can forgive me for that! I also will have to apologize today, but we are short on time again and I can't get to all the others today, sorry! I promise I love you all, really!

The temple was incredible! I loved being able to be there again and to feel the spirit like that, to forget everything and just relax! I am sorry Christian if you go there, the language is really weird. A good way to practice is to stick a huge potato in your mouth while talking! Ha ha, it is funny... but if you go there you will love it! Very nice, happy people!

It is actually a lot easier to keep the languages straight now, and a lot of the French that I had before is coming back!!! So, now I need some French investigators to begin practicing on! I am also making sure that I can teach the lessons in French. It is not exactly the same vocab I learned in school, though what I did learn really helps!

The week was slow, but we ended it with a baptism! Again, all was crazy and stressed! I decided I really don't like baptisms... ha ha. I love them, but it was so much stress! In the end, everything worked out again, the water was colder than it should have been... but all in all it is done, and we have another happy member!

Well this week is nothing too exciting for us here, we are fresh out of investigators, and so we will be doing a lot of finding work, calling past investigators, people we have met on the streets and all that! It should be exciting! I hope that all works out and we can stay busy and happy! Plus, I am looking forward to getting some more money, we are starting to get creative on the food this week, though we should have money in a couple days! Oh, today I made some granola for breakfasts, it smells really good, I will let you know how it turned out! So, yeah. That is what our week has been like and I will let you know all of our adventures next week! (There are sure to be some, we are finding!)

So, I in my personal studies recently have decided that I need to read through the bible, and be able to understand it, and use it more in my teaching. I have read quite a bit and I feel as though I am able to understand them better.... I am in the book of Isaiah right now so this is the real test. One thing that I have noticed recently is that the parts that were really hard to read earlier, the history, names and all that in the first and second Chronicles books were really hard. But, now that I am through with them I got to Isaiah, and do you know what? It has helped! The history and wars, the attacks and everything that was recorded is taking part in the prophecies, in the teachings and even just the style of writing is similar, to the point that it is a lot easier to understand. I am no Bible scholar, or anything, but I have found that when you take time to get to know some of the history, the background, it is a lot easier to understand what is going on!

Now, what does that have to do with missionary work? In Isaiah chapter 28, at the very end, it talks a bit about harvesting grains. For each different type of grain there is a different process used to get the seeds out. I have seen and learned that each person in the world, in the area, in the class, wherever, is different. We all have different needs and we all have different interests. When it comes down to it we need to be with the person who understands best, we need to have the guidance and aid of the all-knowing God! With His help, His spirit, it is easy (you know what I mean) to reach the hearts of those whom He has prepared. We just need the faith and the spirit! then, as we open our mouths (the hardest part for me) we can see the results and reward of our efforts, study preparation and work.

I know that we are blessed for our efforts, I know that we are here for a reason, and that as we do our best, we will be strengthened to fulfill that purpose. I know I am weak, I know that I can do nothing on my own. I know that with His help, I can not fail. I love this work, I love being a missionary!

I love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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