Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

(note for clarification: the theme for the Young Men and Young Women this year is: Arise and Shine Forth! Austin referred to this idea in his last letter)

I can not say that I knew that I was reinforcing the Youth theme for the next year, only that I was sharing something I had been thinking about because of the time of year and the birth of Christ. I love how things like that work out, especially when I have no idea! It is really cool to begin to see how the Lord works, what his focus is, and to begin to see as he does.

I like that you cracked out the cider after the skype time! That makes me really really happy. That reminds me of Brother Maurer, the seminary teacher when he told us that his father wants him to put a cask of beer (now root beer because he is a member) on the casket, and celebrate! That is the way to go, to be remembered for the good and to enjoy the blessings we have been given. Especially with the perspective that the gospel can give us, it is really easy to enjoy life, it is short, the pains will not last, and the rewards are eternal! Celebrate and be happy! Life is a joyous time for celebration and growth!

Sweden, at least here and this year, is a lot like Oregon... though it does not rain quite as much... it is really nice! Though, not the white frozen wasteland that I was looking forward to! Haha, though Ido have to say that it is a blessing! So, we are off bikes now. Mission rules are that after the first frost/ freeze we are to take the bikes and put them away until the spring! Which is okay, the bikes here were not my favorite...

Everywhere in Sweden, at least that I have seen has a very good bus system. Kristianstad is quite small so they do not have as many buses, but they go quite often and are very effective!

I am getting settled... I feel like I have the layout down relatively well and the people as well, though supposedly we have another 6 investigators that I have never met... so that might be different! Elder Gygi is all about the work, he does not like down time, and is not afraid to talk to anyone! It is great, and I am learning a lot! Like one of the members said yesterday, Elder Gygi sees things! It is a really good way to put it, he has the faith to find! And, I am starting to pick up on it too! It is awesome, always something to learn!

I can think in Swedish, but that all depends on how much I want to focus on Swedish... today for example, I did all my studies in English and am now e-mailing in English so I am thinking in English, but a lot of my thoughts have been in Swedish recently.

I should have a great week! Things are picking up here in Kristianstad, and soon you should be hearing about success! We will see how everything goes! It is looking to be a great year!

So, this week I want to talk a little about my New Years... me actually. So, being the New Year and all I thought that I should probably set some goals on what I want to do better... and that didn't go so well, I thought a lot, but never really came up with something that I thought was right... but, while pondering over this under the hot shower... it came to me! (Shower= thinking place!) I realized that I don't know what I can become, and I don't know what I should become! I have this whole year in Sweden to do something, to become someone! But, I don't know who or what that is at all! That was when I realized that I can't set my goals. Cheesy, maybe, but I know that the only goals that are worthwhile for me, are going to be the ones that my Father in Heaven has.

I want to find what He wants me to do/be and then do everything that I can to become! Simple, but it was a breakthrough for me! I am here to be tried and to grow, while helping others to come unto Christ. But, I don't know what is going on at all, so I am going to God. Great, huh? So, this week I decided that I will begin to find God's will, His way, and to follow Him. His ways are not my ways, though they really should be! I know that His way is the only way, and that as I follow His will, I will be the best I can, I know that I will be able to help others the best I possibly can, and that I will be able to serve Him the way that He needs me to serve!

I love being a missionary, I love this work, and I love being able to find the truth through my own personal revelation. It works,I know that it does. God loves me, and He is up there cheering me on! I love learning the simple, but incredible truth!

I love you all and hope that you all have an incredible week and set some great goals! Life is good.

Love ya!
Äldste Maxwell

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