Monday, April 16, 2012

Here Comes the Sun!

I completely agree with the week being very long, yet it has flown by like nothing! I don't understand time anymore... not that I really ever did!

So, the week was busy, but not like Monday was, thankfully... though I think I would still love it! It is best to be going the whole time! I love being busy! I am excited for this week. We are going to be staying pretty busy from the looks of things now! I am excited. The teaching is going great. Re-activating is going well, though that is much slower... they say they want to come, but don't, and are positive, to a point! =P It is really fun and a great challenge!

I am loving being a district leader in the mission. It is a lot of fun being able to work with, learn and love all of the other missionaries. I am really excited for spring, for warmer weather, and the joy that the sun brings to everyone's heart here in Sweden! It is incredible how much the weather and sun can really change people and their attitudes!

We got in contact with a couple really amazing new investigators this last week. They are ''golden''. We are super excited to be teaching them. They are a couple from Nieria, they speak English (little tricky with church) and they are already christian! It was an incredible teach about the restoration, and they really were amazed by the doctrine that we taught and were excited to read in the Book of Mormon! I see great success and joy in their future!

We are serving in a ward. Though it is a little smaller than the branch I was just in! =P It is really fun. They are some great people, and they want to help out... just not with finding! =S ha ha. But that is how it is! Just gotta love 'em! This week is really going to be great, we will have about one dinner a day! (With the members.) Perfect time to teach them!

My area, well... Helsingborg is actually only half of the city! The rest is in Denmark! It is pretty funny. We are really really close to Denmark, and every once in a while we run into a Dane! It is funny. They can usually understand Swedish.... but English is always better. It is almost impossible to understand Danish! (I have listened to a lot of them, and if I know what they are talking about, I can usually figure out what they are saying!) I think I do get to go to the temple again! I am really excited. The temple is the best place to be! Yes, we can hop on a ferry, or ride a train to Malmö, and across a bridge there! (I don't know why the bridge is from Malmö, it doesn't make any sense! )

I have had a good week. Great week! I just love being a missionary! It is when I get to focus on the work the Lord has for us all! It is not something super strange, though it does take time to adjust. It is hard, but what good thing is not hard? What good is not worth working for? If something is not worth working for, what is it really worth? Seek the best things. Focus on those things that will in the long run make a difference! It is not bad to have fun, to go to the movies, or be with friends. (No, I do not go to the movies as a missionary) But always remember that things will all go away, money will be spent. Time does not last. People and relationships will last forever.

I pray that as I serve, there will be people who notice, and I pray even harder that I will be doing what I should be when they do! Our actions can speak louder than words, words can enhance or detract from what we do. And so, I want to try to be what I teach, to be a disciple of Christ at all times. I know that I am not perfect. I know that I don't have to be! I will do my best. I will serve with all my heart, and hopefully I can help others on the way! I love being a missionary. I love the gospel. I am so thankful for my Savior! May you all feel His love for you!

Have a great week!
Äldste Maxwell

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