Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference Time!

I really love conference, it is really a more relaxing, spiritually uplifting Sabbath day where I get to listen to the prophets! I Love it! I do miss the being home though... good food, family, spirit, comfort, more people, good food... =P you get the idea! I really enjoyed what I have seen so far, I have the Sunday afternoon session left! I am really looking forward to it and can't wait to do more!

Yes, I did get the St. Patrick's Day package, and I loved it!!! The cereal (Lucky Charms) was great, as well as the straws, and the general reminder of home and the good times! I did take a handful of the leprechaun confetti with me on splits and I hid them throughout the apartment in Halmstad. I was not caught at all, and even got them in their scriptures! They will be finding them for weeks! =P haha !

I am glad to hear that your quilting activity went so well! I am really proud of you! Speaking out and trying to make sure that the church comes up and planting the seeds to bring people back to Christ! It sounds like you really are doing a lot! And it all began with the family! That is one thing that I really love, that the gospel really can be a part of any conversation that we have! I am working on that right now, just being me and talking, while still making sure to talk about the church and how it has blessed me and my family! I would agree with you, you had a very good start!

So, today was a real shock and ''trunky'' hour! I got a call from Sister Oscarsson in the office about my departure date.... She was wondering when I would like to go home! I had a couple different choices. But, as of now, my departure day will be the 20th of December. Now you can be trunky too! It is going too fast! The same thing has come up several different places recently! One thing at a time, and time, please slow down!!! But don't! =P I am excited, and will work extra hard here, while I am here!

Well, things are going great for me! I went on splits, and came home with a workout program book that they were not using! So, I am really excited, and a little sore! It is a really cool book. =P I love getting things for free! haha.

The work is moving forward. We are still working a lot on finding, though we are also trying to talk to our less active members and help them come back, as well as the new converts. I am loving the work, and we are hoping that the investigators we have will decide to take the next step of faith! My companion is great. He is really good at playing the tin whistle, and taught me a card trick last night. He is really good at bearing his testimony to everyone and is not afraid to open his mouth! The weather is the same as you have had! We had some beautiful days last week, and this morning we got a little snow. I was expecting it! Thank you for the heads up! Now though the sun is shining, it is warming up, and I don't know what it will do next! I will probably watch the last conference session sometime today, we are going to spend some time with the Zone leaders, and do our shopping and such, but I am going to make sure that I get to see the last session! We will watch it here on the computer in the church.

I talked to one of the ladies in the ward yesterday and I got some hellos from home! Carine Nilsson (I am not sure of the spelling, sorry) Said that her friend knows you and sends greetings! I am guessing she is friends with the lady there in NY! I also talked to the stake presidents wife and she was friends with Catarina Bradley when she was here! Crazy small world! It is super fun!

I loved the opportunity to sit and listen to the prophets and apostles this general conference! I know that they were speaking to us today and that they know what we need to hear! I had a couple really cool experiences with that this conference. First, we have been going around this week trying to meet with as many people as possible! When we met with people we made sure to focus on the opportunity that we have to receive revelation (personally) from the prophets. I encouraged everyone to come with a question, and promised the answer as they listened! Then, when I listened to the first talk of the prophet, he promised answers too! I was relieved. Then, after priesthood session was over, a new member came to us and told us that his question was answered, and that he had felt the spirit sooo strongly! Later, an investigator came to one of the sessions. She came a little after it began, but she came at the perfect time! She is a single mother, and as she came and sat down, we had the talk that was to the single mothers! It was exciting. We did not get the chance to talk to her, because she left early too, but we had our prayers answered!

I know I had my prayers answered. I know we receive revelation. I know that I am loved of God. I am excited to be a missionary! I love this work, I love the gospel! I hope that you all have a great week and that you all have a great time applying the words we have received into our life!

Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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