Monday, May 21, 2012

Excited to be here!

It really has been crazy recently, though it sounds like it is not just me right now! everything is going really really fast!  I am doing great, it is really sunny outside today, so we will try to enjoy that! Hopefully all goes well, plus, we just had a bike stolen before I got here. The members are awesome though, so we get to borrow a bike for the week! They put it together wrong though... I will be doing a little adjusting, it should be great though! I am super excited! Plus, the weather is great, and the sun is shining!

So, all in all I am doing great! I am loving being with Elder Asp, he comes from Carson City Nevada and is super smart! It is really fun being with him. He has a good sense of humor, and understands a lot!!!! It is really cool. He is really, really good at the language. His father can speak fluent Swedish and his grandparents are Swedish! So, he had a head start! He has been on his mission (in Sweden) for 6 months. He was like the missionaries now, and got delayed 3 weeks before he got to come in! The missionaries that were delayed are in North Carolina I believe... So they will hopefully be here in 1-2 months... either that or there will be no more new missionaries until September, at least that is the rumor that I have heard! We will see!

My area is really great. I have a lot of exploring to do before I have the city down, but I have seen several different parts, and it is great! It reminds me a lot of my first area, the forests are very similar, the weather is similar, the feel is similar, and they don't speak skånish! It is really a nice area, and I am excited to be here now!

Anyways, I am loving Örebro, and the ward here is great! They are doing a lot as missionaries. There was a talk that the missionaries here are using to show the members and help them figure out ways ways to invite friends to learn more! The talk is called ''The missionary Next Door'' by Diana Hoelscher (or something like that!) It is really, really good, and just incredible to think what we can do!!!! I would recommend that you listen to it for family night and talk about it a little! She has a little of a funny accent, but it is really good! I know that it is going to be through the involvement of members that the church will receive the growth and strength that we need at this time. Missionaries just can't do it on their own! I know that miracles can and will happen, that as I do my part the Lord will do his! But, when we can all do our individual best, so much more will happen!  In Sweden we have the promise of a second harvest, which will happen through the cooperation of members and missionaries, thousands of baptisms, a gathering to surpass the gathering that occurred in the beginning of the church! I know that it will happen, and I am excited to do my part and help the members, to teach them and work with them to gather Zion!

I love being a missionary, I love the church and the light that it brings in to my life, the opportunity it gives me to improve, and the goals that I have for me, my family, and eternity! I love this work!! I love you all too and hope that you have an incredible week ahead of all of you!

Love ya!
Äldste Maxwell

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  1. Elder Maxwell, Diana Hoelscher would love to hear from you! We are going to use your blog on our facebook page, hope that's ok :)! We'd love to hear more about your mission! You sound like you guys are doing an amazing job!! Find her on facebook..