Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick Change!

I am sorry this is a day late, but things became very crazy at the last moment!

So, p-day was great, I got to take it easy, do laundry, and get ready to go visit with the zone leaders and have some fun, see the sights of Helsingborg. (Elder Stoddard ends his mission tomorrow). While we were at the member's house for lunch, (I did tell her we appreciate the photos very much) I got a very unexpected phone call from president Newell. He needed to transfer someone asap, and I was the lucky replacement! So, I am now in Örebro. I had two hours to pack and get on the train, and we went to Stockholm to trade companions. So that was how everything went! President did say that he wants me to be training one of the new greenies, so it will be a shorter transfer, but who knows what is going to happen!? (several of the new Elders, due in Sweden this week, do not have Visa's yet so we are not sure when they will arrive)  Ha ha, so that was why I did not send an e-mail. I am doing great, I love my new companion already, and am looking forward to getting to know Örebro!

It is very true that people can choose to keep out the spirit, and that they do so because they don't want to have to change. I know that because I did it for a while. It is no fun. But, there is not really any way that someone else can change that. Patience, love, and faith. That is the only way! We all have our own agency, good or bad!  I know that people often make wrong or dumb choices, but that is how we are! We just need to do all that we can, be as good as possible, and rely on our Savior to make up for the rest, after all, what more can we do? I love the light, I love the truth. I know that all can and will find it if they truly want to!

I want you to all know I love you, and keep you in my prayers! Sorry this is short, but we need to continue, I have to keep this short.  But, I love you and will let you know more of the adventures next week!

Love ya!
Äldste Maxwell

p.s. I found a waffle iron for 30 krowns! (about 5 dollars!) =)

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