Monday, July 23, 2012

So this week..... well, I can't really remember!

It really just went really fast! Elder Astin and Lopp moved/went home... so we have a great huge apartment all to ourselves! It is nice, quieter... but it will be good. I believe that we have started adjusting... though food portions are still being cooked for 4. Not really a bad thing, it means that we have leftovers that we can use for quick meals! I might just try to keep that up!

 We have gotten a lot more work that we get to do, so we are keeping busy and we are also getting to go and see a lot more of the members and begin working with them! Other than that, nothing too exciting has happened that I can think of. Sunday we had dinner with a family, they spoke Spanish... and not much else! It was really funny. I was actually able to understand more than I thought I could! And, I started to teach myself more! Soon I think I can contact in Spanish too!  We will see though... it will take some time! 

I love being a missionary. I love it when others recognize something in you, and they don't know what it is! They get curious, and want to learn about it... until they learn that it is God. Then they become confused. How can these 20 year-old boys believe in God and be happy about it? Are they brainwashed? We then get to testify and bear witness of the truth and joy that we receive from God! These can be some of the best teaching moments, and some of my favorite. I get to share my joy, I get to help others to see more, to learn about God, and open their eyes to more possibilities that they really didn't think even existed! I love answering questions, and helping people to see.

 I love the gospel, it is so simple and so effective! I know that God loves me, that He sent His son to suffer and die that I may receive joy and blessings, that I can make mistakes, and just get up and go again! I am so thankful that I know these precious truths. I know they are true. I will not deny it. I love being a missionary. This is the best work in the world!

Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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