Monday, September 17, 2012

I will be able to use my French very soon!

I got called by president this week! I will be able to use my French very soon! I am getting transferred to Luleå this Wednesday! Up in Luleå is the investigator I got to teach with president, and a bunch of other french speaking people! I get to go north!!! Last three months, and I finally make the trip up there! I am moving this Wednesday on a plane from Arlanda kl 12.20... kinda problematic... I have to loose some weight! (Baggage, not me!)  Elder Day is going to be my companion!   Anyways, I am super excited! 

I really like the lesson that you taught to the Young Women and the power that the mind really has, and how hard it is to control thoughts instead of controlling actions. Thoughts also have so much more influence on who we are and what we do than we ever can imagine! And the effect that the "Motherlode" (to die for chocolate cake from the Claim Jumper restaurant) has even across the whole United States! I am personally impressed just that you remembered it and used that as your ''distraction''!

There really is so much that Satan uses against us... Everyday there are hundreds if not thousands of different temptations. Many are not going to effect us, but others are centered on our weakness, targeting anything that might give Satan a greater chance. Cool thing though, he can never get to us if we don't put down our armor! We went to teach a less-active member, and he talked about how he is reading in Job, and that Job was strong, and lasted through all of those challenges. He had his armor and he never let it down!!!! So, while running through the gauntlet of life, don't take off your armor! We will always make it then! And so, do the simple things, pick up your shield, read your scriptures, say your prayers, put on your breastplate, etc! You become an unstoppable follower of Christ! I love being a missionary, love you all and hope you have a great week!

Äldste Maxwell

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