Monday, September 24, 2012

Wish me luck, and we'll see what happens!

I love my new area! As well as my new companion! He is really awesome! When I got here he was super sick though... so we were not able to do too much! He had the hand-foot-mouth disease... in his mouth! It was gross... looked like a zombie.. white stuff, blisters... blood oozing, it was great! He could hardly eat... he is doing better now.. managing Pringles, so that is a lot better!   Soon, he will be eating like a runner again!
It is not too cold here yet... It is still light jackets and possibly a sweater! I should be doing great all my time here... I don't think the worst of winter comes until after December... I will tell everyone Hi for ''Elder Carmack'', and I really am looking forward to my time here! Like you said, I have always wanted to come here!!!

This upcoming Friday, in the ward, we are having a Surströmmings Fest, so I will be able to finally try the legendary fish!    It was really funny. Some of the people in the ward were telling us how good it was, and others when they heard we were going said, ''Good luck!'' and started laughing! I am exited... another member said it tastes really good, just smells horrible! I was personally surprised they are going to have the party inside the church! I have heard you can smell it for weeks after! So, wish me luck, and we'll see what happens!

I love the work as a missionary. It is just so much fun, and so rewarding! Just this week we were going by some of our possible investigators... and no one was home.. so, we knocked some doors! And, found someone to teach! It was quite incredible really! So, we were knocking,... and it was not raining, it was sunny, but cold! We got to one door in the apartment complex... knocked, and waited. Soon, a woman answered. My companion began speaking, introducing us as missionaries... she stopped us in halting Swedish... ''I .. little ...Swedish speak'' (you get the picture). ''I speak French.'' Uh-oh...    That means I get to talk!    So, I introduced us, and she says come in! We went in, talked a bit, and she was super nice, patient with my French, and wants to learn more! We will be going back later this week to teach her more of the gospel. I will be studying much more about how to speak, and the lesson outlines... but it went really well the first time, and I know what I need to work on!

The Lord really does qualify those He calls, and He calls on all who are willing! So, be willing, and, when you are willing, ask for a chance, pray! And I will promise you that you will be given chances, so make sure you are ready when you ask! Prayers to serve, to be a missionary are often the quickest answered! Try it! Have a great week everyone, love you all and looking forward to hearing from you all!

Love you!
Äldste Maxwell

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