Monday, November 26, 2012

It is quite the experience!

We have been having warm weather so far this November... way too warm! I have heard though that this December is going to compensate for it!   It just barely started snowing a little again this morning. Last week we had a wedding on Thursday... it was really nice, and fun.  We did get some pie on Saturday as a late Thanksgiving... it was good, and our members here take care of us! 

Yes, our days here are very short... basically over before we really get started! Especially with clouds... it is just dark all day! It is really interesting... and it can play some mean tricks with your mind! Just imagine sitting and eating a nice warm dinner, anticipating going to bed, and then you realize it is just lunch, you still have to go out and work!   It is quite the experience!

This week has been really good. We have a good pool of investigators, and we have had a lot of good work done! I got my new companion, he is really fun, and really cool. Plus, his Swedish is very good... he is able to help in the teaching and I do not have to translate to English! I am excited. These next couple weeks are going to be amazing!
The thought for this week is that when you work hard,  when you do your best,  when you have faith that there will be progress, it will happen! It will come from seemingly nowhere sometimes, there will be blessings falling from... well, who knows? God does. Not me! It is incredible to see and to experience. I love being a missionary and getting to learn the lesson that: we do not know! God does not work as we work, His ways are not our ways, they may very well not make any sense to us as people, but it does to Him, and they are as they should be! We just get to take part! I am always amazed by the knowledge, foresight, and pure love of our Heavenly Father. I know He loves me, and I know that He loves these people. I also know that it is not something only missionaries can learn! Go, do what you can! Every person has different talents and abilities! Use them! And you will see many people blessed, many will come unto Christ, and we will find true Joy! Missionary work is the best work around, I love being a missionary! I know the church is true, and I know that it is the only way we will find happiness in this life!

Love you all! Have a great week!
Äldste Maxwell

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