Monday, November 5, 2012

The work is moving forward!

Well, it has warmed up a lot since last time... we have no snow, it has been raining... and still in the positives. Hopefully we get more snow soon, but most people think it will be a while yet before we get some real snow... we will see!

 As for teaching we are able to do a good amount of it... the majority of people we have to teach right now live ½-1 hour away from here... which is really a problem because there is no way to get them all to church! So, we are doing a lot of door knocking here to try and find more people who would be interested and want to learn! So, we are currently doing doors... though it is not as easy here... doors are port-coded, people are more Swedish, and less ''believeing'' (according to them!) But we are having our miracles, and staring to get some really good support from the branch! The work is moving forward!

It is a hard time in the world and we are always surrounded by people and forces that want to make bad seem good and the good seem bad... usually making it look like a restriction of freedom! (Which is completely WRONG!) Rules (commandments specifically) are designed to bring us more freedom! Our challenge as members, is to avoid that deception, hold on to the true and eternal perspective through the eyes of the spirit, and help others to open their eyes and learn to see things as they truly are! We have to be 100% on our game, on the team, no holding back! It would otherwise be like trying to jump off a diving board without wanting to leave it completely! (You can imagine the resulting pain, loss, failure, and hopefully lesson learned!) Trust in God! He really does know what he is talking about! And, the only way to truly know is to Do It! That simple. I love the simplicity of the gospel!

No, we did nothing for Halloween... there was a ''Luleå in lights'' thing in the city... they had a ''speak box'' that did a light show and told a story... it was awesome! (3-d show depicting the story!) then they just had a lot of lights around the city... not too many Halloween parties. All saints day is a bigger celebration, they put lights on all of the graves in the cemeteries and remember those who have passed on before them... the graveyards were very beautiful with all of the lights! 

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy life, help others and let your light shine for the world!

Love y'all!
Äldste Maxwell

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