Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1st Letter!

Hey Everyone! (Hej alla!)

I made it to the MTC no problem. It is an amazing experience being here. The days are packed full of classes and activities, there is barely a moment to spare at all! My companion is Aldste Tak, he is a great Elder. I am excited to get to know him better as well as all the other Elders and Sisters in my district here. Today we learned to pray in Swedish, I am still working on the pronounciation of all the vowels and letter combinations. Met the branch president and his 1st counselor today, as well as their wives. Yestarday we began role-play training in large groups (1st day!!!)
This whole experience so far has been a little overwhelming but worth every second. I can't wait to learn more and soon enter the field!

Love you all,
Aldste Maxwell

Oh, and my branch presidency is amazing!
(They told us to write that. :) )

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  1. Katie,
    Does Austin get to read the comments on here? I doubt it but just wanted to know. If not do you have an email for him or his address? Mitchell would love to keep in contact with him.