Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 2 - Loving the MTC - like "crazy"!

The district visiting the Provo temple.
I have been doing great! The MTC is great, though the food does not even begin to compare with your cooking at home. I am having fun here, there are a lot of things going on every day, I will try to mail you my schedule.

Temple trips are a scheduled time on p-day, it is really nice being able to go to the temple of the Lord. I saw Kimberly Williams on Monday, I think it was Monday anyways. She just got here a little while ago and leaves a little after I get to. Thank you for all the letters, they really make my day. At the TRC we usually have a language portion (15 min) and a discussion (35 min) where we talk to an "investigator". They actually have a surprising amount of Swedish volunteers here, it is crazy, I am supposed to sound like that!?! I am sure it will come with time.

So, this past week has been crazy. Today I did some laundry and cleaned the room, along with study and companion study, etc. Last night we had a devotional, Elder Holland showed up and gave an amazing talk, he called all us missionaries to repentance, that we need to be doing a better job and that we have three big areas to focus on. I loved it, he brought such a spirit to the room, it was amazing. We now have three teachers, I have yet to meet one of them, we have had more dutch teachers than Swedish, and our first teacher has already left... I am not sure what we did... haha. I am really enjoying it, I found the "Narnia hole" (in the closets) and in one of them was a large bag of kit-kats, it was sweet. I have yet to find the pillow room, not sure which rooms on my floor are not occupied yet, I will find them soon. I really miss my mothers cooking, though it is still pretty good here. We are learning Swedish like crazy and I cannot wait to get out in the field. Today I get to go to the temple, that will be exciting. I love visiting the temple...

I love you all, have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Maxwell

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