Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Greenie Box"

We are putting together a "Greenie Box" to send to Sweden to celebrate Elder Maxwells arrival - fresh and "green" from the MTC. If you have any suggestions of a green item to include in the package, let me know!


  1. you can get "good luck" pasta that is green online at

  2. Do they have St Pattys day stuff out in stores yet?!? A dollar bill. Green silly band. Green color crayon. (scripture marker maybe?!?) Green fleece scarf or mittens or earmuffs. green pillowcase. green toothbrush. green socks. green tie. (im trying to think of things he could actually use. Not just things to carry around. although a few of those are fun ;) )

    That's all ive got. I'll let you know if i think of more.