Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 - Half way to Sweden

His scriptures after 4 weeks in the MTC - starting to look like missionary scriptures!

So, I just got a haircut, feeling good, it is kinda weird, but oh well, it always is, right? lol Friday is halfway done with the MTC. Not that it is an unenjoyable experience, I really enjoy being here. I am excited to get to Sweden.

The language is coming along pretty well. I am still having a difficult time with a lot of it, but progressing really quickly. The teachers are teaching almost completely in Swedish, and it is crazy. Last week I was feeling really confident about my Swedish skills, but then we started to try and contact "investigators" (our teachers). With Sister Hegstrom and Brother Harris I felt really confident, I understood most of what they said and could reply. We still got rejected every time we tried to contact someone. Then we went and contacted Sister Randhahl. I didn't understand anything she said, she asked why she needed religion and said that she believed that religion was the reason for all the wars and killing. That was rough, I had no idea how to respond in english, let alone Swedish!
I have found that I am a good listener, and that I can understand what they are saying a lot more often than being able to respond. I still find it amazing how much we have been able to learn so far. I am able to hold simple conversations, I can teach simple principles, and I am working on expanding my vocabulary to be able to respond to more possible questions that they might ask. I want to be in Sweden, but I know that I need more time, it is really challenging. It is even frustrating, though it shouldn't be. I am learning sooo much but there is soooo much more to learn before I am ready.

Last night we had another great devotional. The speaker was from the first quorum of the seventy, he gave a great talk on the prophet, and how president Monson truely cares about people. I am sorry, right now I don't remember his name....

I did figjre out how to print off my emails so I have more time to read and then print them off. I sent a letter yesterday, it has the first memory card. Sorry, I did not fill it up, but I did what I could. There is only so much that I can take pictures of here, and what I can will most likely get repetitive.... Still working on getting into the "pillow room". I am pretty sure I know where it is now, I just have to get past the locked door.... Any suggestions?

Eirik: Sorry, but it might be a little while before I write a whole message in Swedish, and yes, I would love to come visit you after my mission! I was hoping you would say that! Hopefully by the time I go home, I will know enough Swedish to be able to communicate in Norwegian too! We will see. Let me know what you are up to.

So, a group in my branch and zone left today, they got here after we did and already they are leaving, it is crazy. I have seen Sister Williams (Kimberly), and Kendra Carver who works in the Cafeteria. Elder Barney is here, he has no idea who I is kinda funny. I have also seen Elder Horning. He is great, I will be sad to see him leave soon too.

Other than what has already been said, nothing much has happened. As a district we dominate at four square. I started running a lot more during gym...last time I ran a quick two miles before doing abs and push up and such. Still havn't gained too much more weight... hehe any ways, I am having a lot of fun and excited to hear more from all you!

Jag alskar dig,
Aldste Maxwell

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