Monday, October 3, 2011

Absolutely loved Conference!

I have absolutely loved conference. It has really been the boost that I was looking for and full of answers to questions that I have had about what I need to be doing as a missionary, what I am, Who I need to become, and really what is the point? I love how when I listen, many of the talks and subjects become for me. I like how they talk to me and that the Lord, through His spirit can send me personal messages through the general talks. It is absolutely incredible! I do have to say that I missed being home, missed all of the incredible food and the comfortable chairs. It is kind of funny, conference made me a little homesick! (not in a bad way I promise, just really good memories!)

I went on splits with Elder Kundis at the beginning of my mission but I never thought I would be companions with him, I am glad that I am! He is really fun to be with, funny and full of life! It is really funny, almost everyone that I have been companions with I have known from my first transfer in Sweden! So far anyways! We will see how long this pattern can continue. I am excited, as usual, to see what will happen next!

No big stories like last week... We had a bike stolen this week, so most of our travels have been by bus. I was quite sad to see that we are now short one bike, especially since it was the newer of the two bikes that was stolen. (less than 4 months old! The last missionaries here also had a bike stolen.) We are going to get a new bike soon and we will make sure we lock them to something so someone can't come and pick them up and run off with it! They would have to literally pick them up because we do lock them so they can't be ridden or tires stolen off them. But that was not enough! So, extra precautions and fill out the guarantee no-steal paperwork, and we should be good!

We got to teach a less active member this week with some of the members, when we went over, it was us, two active members, a less active, her sambo (boyfriend) and a neighbor non-member who was interested in learning about the church! It was an incredible teach! The members are incredible, the less active taught the neighbor all about Joseph Smith and bore her testimony of him and the Book of Mormon. It was incredible to see how well it all went. I know that the spirit was there leading us and helping us to be able to do the Lord's work and bring people to Christ. We gave the neighbor a Book of Mormon and she was very excited to get it. We are meeting with them all again next week! Oh, and the less active and her non-member boyfriend both came to two sessions of conference. I am excited to continue to teach them. I love being able to teach and to help people to come nearer Christ, their Savior. To learn of his love and the plan he has for each and every one of us.

Det är helt underbart för mig att jag kan komma till Konferens för att lyssna till Guds sann profet jorden idag. Han är verkligen Guds profet och jag vet att de ord som han talar är Guds orden till oss. Vi lever i en värld av mycket prövningar och behöver den tröst som kommer till oss genom Jesu Kristi försoning. Satan vill att vi vara rädd. Han gör allt i hans kraft för att stoppa oss. Den är orsaken att jag är tacksamma att jag får lyssna till profeten. Jag vet att han kan se de saker som vi måste undvika. Han talar till Gud för oss, han vill att vi kan bli lycklig som möjligt, han verkligen älskar var och en av oss. Jag vet att Gud lever, han har en plan för oss att vi kan ta del av hans rike och bo hos honom. Jag är en Guds lilla barn vi alla är Guds barn. Han älskar mig lika han älskar alla sina barn.

Have a great week, I hope that everything goes well! I honestly have no idea how I made it through the second meal last week, but I know that God can and does work miracles every day!

Love you all!
Aldste Maxwell

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