Monday, October 31, 2011

An Incredible Birthday!

I had an incredible birthday, thank you all very, very much! I can say I felt all the love and good wished that all of you sent me on my birthday. It was a very good day, I had two parties! (And the second one didn't even know it was my birthday!) We had a party at district meeting and another one at a less active members house.

Dan Jordan is going to Denver, Colorado! That is super awesome! I am very excited for him!!!!! It is a beautiful place and a great mission! I am glad that Christian is getting excited to serve as well! It really is an exciting time.

I had an incredible week, sorry this is really rushed. I will just say this.. The Lord blesses His servants and we really will not be confounded before the wise, or before men, He will help us! I will share more next week!

Love you,
Aldste Maxwell

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