Monday, October 24, 2011

We started the lesson over!

The mission is going great! Just yesterday we had stake conference in Stockholm. We were in a big conference center on the Stockholm University campus. It was really cool. We got to be together with a lot of members an listen to some incredible talks! I really, really enjoyed it. Then, after the conference I got to have a personal interview with President Newell! It was such a good time to sit and listen to him, to ask some questions and to gain insight to myself, what I can do, and to get recharged myself! I love President Newell, he is such a great man and he knows what I need to hear!

We had a couple really, really good teaches this week! I love it when the Lord takes me, my companion and our plans and changes everything while in the teach to be incredible, to be exactly what everyone needs to hear, and to strengthen everyone! One was with Majid, he is really positive and is working toward baptism, so we are continuing to teach all of the lessons. We decided that he needs to learn and follow the Word of Wisdom, that was going to be the hardest of all the commandments for him and so we began to teach it. At first everything was going really, really well. We taught, and read from the great pamphlet the church has, and as we were about 15 min. into the lesson, while he started sipping his tea, he was like, "Wait, you don't drink tea of coffee!?" - at which point we started the lesson over and taught from the beginning. He was really confused, but as we taught the spirit was there, it witnessed to him that we were telling the truth, and that it was right.... to a degree. He said that we live a monk life, and then asked when we were going to send him to a cloister. He likes to joke - I think he was half serious with that one though! The thing is, God blesses us, and the spirit will help with whatever situation we end up in. It is hard to go wrong when God is the one who is teaching, as long as we do not get in the way! I know that we are blessed, that though situations pass, and the spirit will help us solve our problems. God is mindful of every one of His children.

I have not figured out my presents.. I didn't really try. I want to be surprised! I have kept them hidden and out of sight... though, I have to say, I really wanted to open them this morning for some reason! Oh, and please thank everyone for me on the blog! It was good to get so many emails wishing me a happy birthday! I really do appreciate it!

Aldste Maxwell

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