Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Quick Note!

Well, Good Morning Everyone!

Sorry, I have to admit that again I have almost no time!! Can you believe it?!? Anyways, we are heading to Gubbängen this morning for a missionary turkey bowl and thanksgiving party... So, we have to be on a train in about 15 minutes... haha... so, sorry if this ends up a little short!

First, Jonathan. Congratulations!!!! I am soo excited that you got the priesthood, how does it feel? And, you look incredible in the Suit and tie! I really like the tie, it is awesome! Take care of it and you might be able to take it with you on your mission!!

It sounds like everyone has had an incredible week! I am glad that you are all doing so well! This week personally has been slow... we have done a lot of tracting, and none of it really paid off this week, too bad... But, the upcoming week is going to be incredible! We have Zons Konferens, and Elder Causeé is coming from the area presidency.

We are celebrating thanksgiving with the member family on Saturday, and everything else this week should hopefully be filled up with teaching, finding, and preparing all of our investigators for baptism. We will most likely all be here until January, though President can change people whenever he feels like it, so we will see!!! Well... Sorry. This is really really short this week.

I love you all and am sooo grateful for you!!

Äldste Maxwell

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