Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally! The whole story!

Ha Ha, yeah, I know... mean Austin. He knows just how to build the suspense and leave it at that! Okay, so... how are we blessed so we are not confounded by others? (one of my favorite experiences so far!)

As most of the best stories begin, we were out knocking on doors! This was no different than any other day, it was Sunday, after church and we had just been fed (a miracle of how God provides) by a less active member that we visited. Well, we were just going around in Ryd, knocking on doors. We had quite a bit of time and no more appointments that day so we were looking forward to some good tracting time. We got the usual, "Not interested!" - slam! and all of that, but as usual, continued on in our hopeful manner, seeking out the prepared.

Then, it started with a door. Just like the others we had knocked on. The door opened, and I started talking, but the boy who answered (19-ish?) just turned and said, "It's for you", to someone else. His mother came to the door. She had talked with previous missionaries and decided that she did not want to talk, but I, being curious, asked some more questions. She didn't see any reason for the Book of Mormon and no area in the Bible where there would even be evidence there could be one. I patiently tried to answer her questions and help her to understand but to no avail. I bore my testimony, encouraged her to read in the Book before she judged it and left her with our contact information if she wanted to talk any time later. I was sad she didn't listen, but felt food because I had borne witness and I had felt the confirmation of it's truthfulness and her need for that.

But, as you are probably thinking... that has nothing to do with being confounded! No, it does not. But, it was how I gained a greater portion of the spirit that day, so I would have it with me when I really needed it.

We continued to tract. After a little while, it was again my door. As usual, I knocked and wondered who would be next to open the door! As my luck goes, it was a couple who had just gotten home from church, some Jehovah's Witnesses. (I know, I heard and saw my companion just give up right there, and I was really tempted.) But, I decided to follow the spirits promptings and began by talking about the Book of Mormon. He said he had heard about it, but had never read it. I talked about it a little and testified. He decided to change the subject a little by asking about Revelations 22:18-19 (18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.) He was trying to use that scripture to prove that the Book of Mormon was wrong. I stunned him by agreeing with what the verse said and then continued by teaching and explaining what that verse meant, that at the time it was written, there was no such thing as the Bible, and only the revelation of John. As I explained, I made sure to listen to the promptings I received, and patiently, lovingly, answer and open the scriptures to this man. He saw the truth in what I said and changed subjects. "What is God's name?" Typical question, and one they use to prove Jehovah. I again opened the scriptures and explained through verses that he would open to and read. He would always try to prove me wrong, but as I opened his eyes with other verses, his arguments fell to pieces, one after the other... I was blessed with the revelation I needed to withstand his attacks, and teach truth. As said in scripture, we will not be confounded before men.

He was unable to say anything against the church, and at the end had to just flat out refuse to want more. He got angry as I offered to give him the Book of Mormon, he was happy with what he had and wanted no more. I know I was blessed, I know that God will bless and strengthen His servants. I cannot tell you how many buses have been delayed so we were able to leave a quick message, and still get our bus. God knows, He loves and He leads us to everything that we will need to succeed. (Oh, and one of the best parts was that everything was in Swedish!!!) I have been given so much!

The mission is great. We have a goal as a mission to get 60 baptisms before Christmas. And, it can happen! We have good investigators who will hopefully continue to progress and have found what they need to continue. I love this work. My companion is great, I really enjoy being with him. We started studying from a 201 Swedish verbs book. Now, I have that all down pat, and he does too! Now we get to move on to others that are more difficult and continue our growth! It is really good when working together to achieve the same goals! Personally, I am healthy. I am happy, and I am doing great! The weather here is great, a little chilly at times, but good. The weirdest part is that the sun sets at about 4 pm now...after rising at 8 am! That is interesting and it is weird, I feel "tired" when the sun goes down, but that is only about half the day!

I am doing great, I love being a missionary still and hope that all of you back home know that I love you very much and hope that you all have an incredible time!

Love you!
Aldste Maxwell

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  1. Austin, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. They remind me so much of my mission in Finland. It is so wonderful to be prepared and your parents did such a great job helping you and leading you in the right direction. I can feel your spirit as you testify through the blog. It's wonderful and so inspirational for me to continue to help my own sons learn and study the gospel so that when the time comes, they, too, will be righteous missionaries and be prepared for all circumstances. Thank you for your example. - Sister Brenda Brownlee (we lived in your ward in Oregon about five years ago)