Monday, November 28, 2011

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a great Thanksgiving. I didn't get homesick... though I did miss you all! As said we went to a members house and had dinner there, and pies!!! It was really good. Though me and my companion were the only ones that ate pie! We now have three pies in our fridge... and more on the way supposedly... =P I also got to help do dishes!!!! That was fun! haha, It felt good to serve, and to talk to the member, I think she appreciated it. Her kids don't seem to listen right away... though I guess that is very normal... At least, from what I remember! You could definitely tell me if it were otherwise!

I got a dryer hug this morning! Thanks Mom! You should get one too! You can even say it was from me! lol!!! I love you Mom! (I promise that I had already written this! =P Love you!)

It is very scary to think and see how many thing really are mind numbing... for me I would have to say that taking a shower is mind numbing and that I waste a lot of time there! As you remember! It is just weird... time disappears. I am personally working on that as well as other traits or habits that are of no benefit but waste the precious time that I do have.... especially as a missionary, but also after... I don't want to be the same after my mission as I was before I left, I want to be better!!! Satisfaction is also a very trying and convincing enemy... I have never yet done my best, and all I do should be helping me to get there!!!

I love being a missionary!!! It is the best being able to wake up, study the scriptures and take time to organize everything for the day, then go out and work. Work for others. It is a work of love and faith. As we develop love, we enjoy the work, and find success in places where others might only find cold rejection. Faith is the principle of action on the unknown possibilities and principles. Who knows if the next person who happens to be walking down the street has questions about this life? Do you get to decide that for him? These are our brothers and sisters! They are My brothers and sisters! Should I not reach out and try to lift each and every one of them? I have a light, I can share my light, I can show my light, and when I give light to others they too will have light, and mine will grow! It is the best, to see the light in someone else's face, to see the change, the glow! Oh how wonderful to see the redeeming love at work in the lives of others, and feel its influence in me! I am a servant, yet I have been served much much more than ever I have done.

In the service we grow. In the journey, we find out who we are. In the end, who knows who you will be? I want to be the best I can, and follow in his steps, that when I fall, weak as I am, He is there to catch me! I LOVE being able to proclaim this glad message, to spread the light to the world. I learn from my older brother, I seek to be like Him. I know that He is the only way, my path and light. I know this and am glad to share it with everyone that will listen. The church is true. It is the light in this dark and dreary wilderness that the world has become. This I know, in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all! Thank you for your support, your love and prayers.

Have a great week!

Austin/ Äldste Maxwell

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