Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh, Brother!....He's going to Bulgaria!

Yes, I did read Christian's e-mail first! (Bulgaria Sofia Mission!) Then, proceeded to open the mission's homepage and see a little about what he is in for! It sounds super fun! I am so excited for him! I hope that he really does all that he can to just enjoy it! I wish I could have seen him open it too, but oh well, I could hear his excitment through his e-mail!!!! I can't wait!!!

I had a good week, wouldn't say busy, but we keep out of trouble! I still need to pick it up, and that means that tonight I am going to be calling a lot of people on the phone... I say this to you because that means that I actually am going to do it now! We have so much to do, but not much is being done, and we are not sure where to start.... so, I am going to start with less actives and past investigators that we have had! Then we will continue from there! I love the work but hate it the same time... I have to change, take control, call people on the phone, all the stuff that I have never really enjoyed...... It is awesome! =)

Yes, we do have money, we survived, and didn't go hungry! It is good to have food storage and to be careful with the money that we are given, you never know when you will run out! It was actually quite fun!

Well, on that note, I know that a mission is the best ever for any young man, or woman (you know, through personal revelation and communication with the Father) that it is a time of growth and a time to learn about who we really are. I personally thought that I had that all figured out, that I knew what life was about. But, I didn't, I had no idea! It did not come at once, I still do not know everything, but my eyes have been opened to see what really is truth. I know that I had no idea before, suprising, huh!? I knew nothing... but I have learned a lot since coming here. I have learned that I have had a really wrong (not wrong, but incorrect I guess) look on life. I always though about me, money, work, grades, etc. They are important, but not really. The one and most important thing of all is serving the Lord. Period. That is it! Weird, huh? When we serve the Lord first, we will be given all that we need. We need to be engaged in a good work and He will provide.

As you knew, we were running low on money. We were broke. But, as we served, we were given all that we needed. We got fed by members, and even given groceries by one family who were going on a strict diet and needed to get rid of their food. We were fed, and not by our own means at all! I know that I have been blessed, I know that I am being taken care of and loved. I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing, I love being a part of the work. I love my Father in Heaven, He knows me and what I can handle. I want to be all that He knows I can be. I love the work. I love being a missionary.

I love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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