Monday, February 13, 2012

Nice and Sunny!

So, today was nice and sunny, the snow is almost all gone, and it is great! Kind-of... I was actually hoping for the freezing weather and such, but this is not bad at all! It is almost the same as Oregon, but more sun and less rain! I have seen some pictures on the front of newspapers and such.... that looks really cold, and really fun! But, we have nice weather! And, it is warming up!

I still don't like making phone calls, and I called a lot of people! Though there is one preson that we will start meeting hopefully! He was busy all last week and weekend, but said call again this week! (Great, another phone call! =P)

The week went much much better though. Our overall teaches increased by 500%! That is both an indicator of how few we had recently, and how many more came last week! And so, I hope to keep the trend on the raise. It is a process, as all things, but I know that if I do everything that I am supposed to be doing, keeping all of the rules, and loving the work, that it will continue to grow, my companion can catch the love for the people and forget everything and get to work!

Missions are not easy, they are not supposed to be! We do not always know what we are doing, we are only 20 years old! But, we have help from above, from someone who knows our weakness and just wants to help us and to love us! I love it! We can not fail. The war that is going on is tragic, there are losses, people do fail. But, we know the final outcome. We know who will win! So, now we get to choose, which side will I be on? I hope that I always choose the right side, that I follow Christ, our captain. I hope to bring others with me and fight against all that is wrong, against our adversary, the king of pain, and sorrow, and bring his captives back into the light!

Oh what joy and what a work! We are called to be a light, a guide, to shine for the lost, and carry the banner of our Lord! And, as promised, He will fight all of our battles for us! We can not loose! I love being a missionary! I love this work!

Love you all! Happy Valentines!
Äldste Maxwell

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