Monday, February 27, 2012

Carving a path - takes time!

I can't believe it is almost March, I refuse to admit it. You could say that I am in denial, and happily so! I think time should take a break for a while and come back in a while ... when it is done with a relaxing vacation and is ready to return at a reasonable pace.

I love it when the spirit just takes over, and you can feel that everything that needs to be said is being said. I had the opportunity to give another talk in the branch yesterday, the same topic too! I used that to get a little laugh... ''I guess I didn't do well enough last time'' ha ha, it was great. It was perfect! And they had to tell me to stop! I think that was the first time! And, the same man that gave me advice last time applauded (silently) when I sat down! He gave me a couple more tips to be incredible, but he was ecstatic! I loved it! And, he isn't even a member! (yet!) But, as I said in my talk, I am shy... that was not me that gave that incredible talk!

I have heard that my group gets to make a choice, go home Dec. 20 or on our ''official'' date (Jan 11th) (but if I went with Jan I would probably actually extend a month or so...) Just a little food for thought!

I am loving the work, it is still slow, but we got a good pointer yesterday to the direction we should be focusing! One of our New Members sent a text message saying they don't want to be a member anymore... we went by last night and talked with her, and she had already been regretting the text. We just will be focusing on her, and all of the New Converts to help them feel like they are loved, needed and continue to come! It is always hard to change, and once a change it made, it is easy to fall back into the previous habits.

Rivers carve their paths slowly and surely over years and years until they are carving canyons and are rutted into their path. even young creeks and streams carve a path in which they flow. To get out of that path takes a lot of work and requires time! And the whole time it will be wanting to go back! But, after perseverance all obstacles can be overcome and a new course carved into the plains of life! That is something that I have been focusing on, changing those habits I have that are detrimental to my progression, and overcoming the desire to fall back to the already-set path. The best part is I am not alone! I have felt the help of my Father in Heaven and know that I am in good hands. I know that I can't fail, everything is possible and will work out! I am excited to help others learn the same truths I have grown up with, to change their path and find true Joy! I love being a missionary, I love the work!

Last Thursday (on splits!), we went and taught a Swedish couple that had been investigating for over a year, and we got baptism dates! It was very fun and exciting! We are still searching for our own investigators in Kristianstad.

Best thing I ate this week... probably pork chops baked with cheese and a tomato slice, a potato gratin and such... really good, plus then we got baked apples with a cream sauce for dessert, really good! (we were visiting an investigator that likes to invite us to eat with her!)

Have a great week everyone!

Love you all!
Austin/ Äldste Maxwell

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