Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Questions from Emma (and Austin's answers!)

  1. what is your companions' middle name? (did you have to ask him to find out ?)
  2. what did you have for breakfast?
  3. what color is your toothbrush?
  4. what tie are you wearing?
  5. have you told any jokes recently? :D
  6. what are you studying in the scriptures right now?
  7. what is your favorite scripture?
  8. does it change often?

1) His middle name is Elison... I didn't ask him just now... =P I checked through the Internet! Did you know there is a website here in Sweden that can show you almost everything about anyone!? It is really nice for missionaries. And, for the record, I did learn it before, but forgot... we never use middle names, and rarely first names at that!

2) For Breakfast I had some home-made granola with a banana, milk, and some pineapple-orange juice! Followed by some cookie dough for a mid day snack! =P

3) My toothbrush is blue and white... yeah, yours? =)

4) I have the blue stripey/blurr tie that you all sent... It is an arrow tie, different shades of blue, and is super awesome!!!

5) I don't think I have.... Most people don't seem to understand my humor... Friday some members asked me if I knew any Mormon jokes, but nothing came to mind... and I didn't want to follow the trend of racial jokes, that is not really missionary language... at least that is what I thought.

6) Right now I am focusing on the Bible and reading the whole thing so I can use it better while teaching, and knowing the stories to help others understand it. I am currently in the book of Lamentations, so I am getting there! Not bad for about two months anyways! I also read daily in the Book of Mormon, though currently that is sporadic at best!

7) One of my favorite scriptures is currently Ether 12:27. The promise that it is for me, for everyone is so cool! I love being able to receive hope, comfort and strength to continue from the scriptures!

8) Yes, because whenever I am asked the question I will find the scripture that I like best at that moment, as well as just the powerful scriptures that are out there! There are so many really good scriptures that there is no way that there will ever be just one favorite! The scriptures are incredible!

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