Monday, March 19, 2012

First week in Helsingborg

It really does sound like you had a hectic Sunday! Mine was much more calm, we went to church, my companion gave a talk actually, I got out of it. I think I would of ended up bearing my testimony, but the temple president just happened to be visiting as well with his wife, and so the ward had them both bear their testimonies! It was great. I got to know several of the young single adults in the ward. One just back from his mission, and the other waiting for his call to come back! It was very nice, the ward is full of nice people, and I knew several of them already! It was great!

I have definitely noticed that I have really changed my view on the gospel and its principles. I know that before my mission I would have answered questions in a very confusing way, so much I want to say but how do you say it in simple terms that others can understand?... I am starting to think that was why my first companion would always kick me in lessons... but I am not always sure! =P It is good to explain well, but a simple question does not require depth or length to be explained... the person needs to understand answer! It comes with time and practice, as well as thinking about what it all really means for us! For example, why do you believe in God? Simple, but is it? =)

You have no idea how small the world is! Last night I got a call from Sister Rasmussen (missionary couple from Hillsboro!) because she heard I had moved to Helsingborg. She was so excited that I was here. This is where Catarina Bradley grew up with her family. Well, this area. Catarina's sister lives in the area still and the Rasmussens have visited them several times. They will visit again tomorrow, and hope that all will go well, and that they will be interested in learning more so the missionaries (us) can come teach! I think that would be really cool, and I hope that all goes well. I love being able to help, and I am always surprised by how small the world really is!

Well, I am running out of time right now... I am really loving the new area. To describe it, well... we will be visiting it when we come back, that is a must! There is a castle in the middle of the city, and a lot of really cool old buildings and churches. I think it is awesome. The people are also really nice. It is still a part of the south and speaks skånska still! I am glad I already learned it! Though, there is still more to learn! My companion is from Utah. His name is Aaron Lane Dalton. He comes from Santaquin. He loves the outdoors and to go out and hike in the mountains. He very excited to be a missionary and has a strong testimony!

One thing that I have really loved to see and learn this week was that I, as a servant of my Heavenly Father, have the right and privilege to teach all with the spirit of God. As I do all that I can, I will have the spirit with me to lead me and to guide me in all things that I do. The spirit will always can confirm the truth of what I say and everything that is truth. In all reality it is not the missionaries that teach, our job is to create an environment where the spirit can exist, to bring the spirit and let it convey the message we share to the hearts of those we teach! It is an incredible work, full of joy, light, life, and love. I am so very glad that I can be a missionary, that I am able to represent my Savior, and help bring people back to him. I love this work. I am a missionary.

I hope that you all have a great week, that you can feel the love and light of our Savior, that you can all receive a greater portion of the spirit thorough diligent study and powerful prayer. I know my Savior lives. I love him and I know he loves us all. Seek truth, and you will receive.

Äldste Maxwell

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