Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunch with the Pettersson's

Hi! Today we had the pleasure of having the Elders accompanying us for lunch.
I didn’t realize that it were their “p-day” today. They said that they already had done their laundry.
We hade some fish soup today, with garlic bread and salad and chocolate cake for dessert.
We have had some sunny days, and some flowers have made their appearance. I just love when you can see all the different activities in the garden. The tulips are on their way up, plus some other flowers. Even though the sun is out I don’t think that it’s that warm, the Elders were of another opinion since they only had their suits on today.
They had a lovely message today. They talked about the Jeredites, and how their boat sometimes didn’t go straight forward, but in the end they reached their goal and destination.
In the afternoon the Elders were to meet the Elders from Malmö. Together they would go and visit “kärnan”. (http://www.helsingborg.se/karnan ), ( http://wadbring.com/historia/undersidor/helsingb.htm ) It’s a high castle with a lot of steps to climb up. But it’s well worth the effort, since the view is spectacular. You can easily see Denmark.
All the best,
Sister Pettersson

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